Sew Along Week 1: Cutting and Piecing, HO!

This Fall Dori (aka Mom) and I decided to create a project that we could both work on together. We discussed what we wanted to gain from our project and which skills we wanted to work on so that by the end, when we had the finished product, we would feel like we improved in some areas and maybe learned a new skill, too!

Since we both love Fall and I have these great packs from Moda called Haunted Mansion by Sanae, we decided on a pattern and a sewing schedule so that we could work together or on our own. We even picked out a cute pumpkin applique to add a little extra practice in layering and adding some decoration to our project.

Using the charm pack, which has 42 mixed squares of a Halloween theme, we decided to make an alternating pattern like the one below.

Sew Along

We will cut each square in half then mix them up and sew two together to create a single square. Those pairs will then be trim down to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 in squares and attached to another square. A row will consist of four squares alternating from vertical to horizontal, like above.

Our whole table runner will run 4 squares x 9 squares. We will include two borders, a slim 1 1/2 in border followed by a thicker 2 1/2 in border to finish. We’ve even gone so far as to agree that our binding will match our backing!

Here is a sneak peek at the trimmed and ready squares waiting to be put into rows.

If you’d like to play along, we’re starting this week and checking in every Friday (podcasting day!) until October 30th when we will reveal what we have completed. The length of time for this project is so that we don’t abandon all of our other projects or our day to day chores/jobs. You can play along or just follow our progress here. On Instagram we’ve created our own hashtag #huthsewalong for easy progress monitoring.

Week 1 is cutting and piecing. We are aiming to be ready to with a completed top by the weekend of Oct 2nd. Week 2 and the next steps will be posted next Sunday.

Week 1 Instructions

  • To start, you’ll need 5×5 squares of any fabric or a charm pack to start. Having at least 32 squares should be enough but it never hurts to have a few more, just in case.
  • Cut all of these in half to 2 1/2 in x5 in strips.
  • Mix them up and sew all of the strips into pairs.
  • Press open the seams then trim the squares to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 in squares.
  • Then, alternating the squares between vertical and horizontal, sew a row of four squares.
  • Create nine rows then sew them all together to create a completed top.

We’ll share our progress during next week’s podcast. Don’t forget to the check back each week to see how our individual runners are coming along!

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