Picking Up Muh Sticks!

It wasn’t long ago that I considered myself a proficient knitter.  It was all I did.  I loved everything about it-the texture of the yarn, the beautiful colors and lots and LOTS of wonderful processes and patterns to choose from.

I began with scarves…who doesn’t?  lol!  Of course, me being me, I couldn’t just knit a “normal” scarf.  I knitted with beads, cables and made a dainty Cat’s Paw lace scarf.

When I began photographing bands on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, I put my needles down.  Not because I lost interest, but simply because I no longer had the time to spend on this meditative hobby.  Whether I was shooting, editing, posting albums to social media, or promoting my bands, I was overwhelmed with constant work to be done.  Trust me, I grieved.  There’s something so rhythmic, so peaceful about knitting, and I missed it terribly.

Now that I’m retired from gig photography and back to spending time on my various passions and hobbies, I’m itching to pick up my needles again.  Part of my goal, is to have something small to take with me next Spring when I fly to Ireland.  The other is to take advantage of the evening hours when I’m watching TV with my hubby, and want to shift into a project I can hold easily in my hands.  I’m rusty, so I’ll need to get out my books and DVD’s to get me started again.

Here’s some of my yummy books!  I can’t wait to actually knit a fisherman’s sweater.  Going to the Aran Islands in April, will be inspiring I’m sure!

 Because I’ve decided to begin with a pair of socks (knitting with a handful of double pointed needles is so much fun, and starts lovely conversations when I knit in public!), I’ve dusted off my Lucy Neatby DVD’s “Sock Techniques” 1 and 2.

Her gentle and patient teaching style serves my learning style perfectly.  Her use of catch phrases, respect for the craft of knitting and charming personality endears me to her.  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of taking a class from her, then the honor of driving her two hours to her next destination in San Diego.  It’s a wonderful memory I’ll hold dear forever!

Ahhhh those DPN’s!  Knitting with Cashmere yarn is wonderful.


I’ve GOT to get these VHS tapes of Knitty Gritty transferred to DVD asap!

(Below is  a video that shows a sample of Lucy Neatby’s teaching style.  I love her melodic voice and lovely Nova Scotia accent!)

Lucy Neatby, casting on in the round, part 1.

I’ve kept most of my yarn stash.  I still have so much to choose from.

Thank goodness all my needles are in one place.  I made this brocade needle holder some time ago, and it’s held up beautifully.

 I looove this bracelet, knitted on 0000 needles.  Man were my fingers sore when I finished!









Any other knitters out there? I’d love to see and hear about what you’re working on right now!

Have a wonderful, creative day my friends!



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