Sew Along Week 3: Borders, Backing, and Quilting Galore!

A day late but never fear, we are here!!!

This week both of us had company in from out of town plus a lot of events going on so it was a weekend without sewing…EEKK!!!

That also meant no podcast this week and our Sew Along is a day late. BUT, we have an update and our next steps to begin wrapping up our table runners for Halloween.

Before going ahead, check out Week 1 and Week 2 first to see our process from the very beginning.

Don’t forget to check out our past podcast episodes if you haven’t already. We talk about all our hobbies and then some!

For week 2 we focused on our appliquéing. Our tops were done and we had an idea for our appliqué images but we both had very different ideas on placement and design. Which is what makes this whole project awesome. We each have similar  goals but will end up with different results.


We initially went with the original size from the link but realized as we went along that it’s actually a bit too small. So we amped up the size and made it bigger! Due to this being my first attempt at appliquéing I decided to leave out some of the smaller details and simply added a second leaf to my pumpkin. I also attached it to the center of my runner.

My mom chose to make TWO pumpkins, one on each end. Her thought is that she tends to place her decor right in the center of her runner so having the images on the ends would keep them visible and the table runner usable. Makes sense!

As you can see from our fabric choices below , we have some similar thoughts about fabric and color but we are VERY different. While we both chose to go with three colors and range from orange to yellow, I went with a deeper orange and made a wide jump to a lemony yellow at the center. My mom stayed closer in tone with her colors and her change from the darkest shade to lightest has less of a jump and more of a flow.

Mine (left) and my mom’s (right)

Test run

To make sure I didn’t screw up my whole runner, I was smart and took my time making a smaller pumpkin to do a test run with.  I was really happy with the outcome! I used a black thread and a blanket stitch to give my design a Frankenstein like appearance and I think it worked out well!

My finished project!

While I think overall I did a pretty good job, my tight corners and smaller spaces need some work! I couldn’t remember where the needle would land with the stitch so I would pivot incorrectly and it got a bit jumbled up on my leaves.

For my mom, she went a completely different direction. Using the same stitch, she actually changed out her thread and used a different color for each piece. She went with yellows and oranges that matched her fabric. So not only did she do TWO pumpkin, but she also had to change out her thread for each new fabric!

She even has a nice green for all of the smaller details and the leaves. Fabulous!

Now it’s time to start wrapping things up. Time for our week 3 steps!

Week 3 Instructions

  • Using your choice of multiple fabrics, cut 1 1/2 inch strips from one and 2 1/2 inch strips from another. Then, attach the smaller strips to the patchwork top followed by the larger strips around the outside.
  • Press and trim where needed.
  • Layer using the top with the borders attached, batting, then a backing of a new fabric or a previously used fabric. For a fold over binding that matches your backing fabric, make sure to leave 2-3 inches or more of the backing fabric extended beyond the end of your runner.
  • With basting pins or spray, adhere the three layers together, smoothing out as you go.
  • Quilt with your choice of pattern. Have a blast designing as you wish!

Week 4 we’ll trim the layers and get to binding. How we will bind our runners hasn’t been discussed but for now we’ll focus on layering everything together and getting that quilting finished.

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