TGIFF: Halloween Table Runner Sew Along

There is nothing like the satisfaction of a finished product!

This week we completed our month long Sew Along project and our table runners couldn’t have come out looking more different and more adorable than they did!

We had a nice chat last night on our podcast about what we enjoyed and what we didn’t, what we would leave as is and what we would change.

Overall, we loved our runners and how they turned out. Only a few small changes would be made.

Katie’s Binding

For me, my binding technique still needs to be refined. I’m not 100% happy with the way it came out so I feel that this is a skill I still need to improve upon even though I’ve bound multiple projects.

Dori experimented with the roll over binding from the backing and even played with a different styled stitch. It really gives the finished look a nice touch!

Dori’s Binding

Dori and both agree that appliqué is the shizz!! While Dori loves her pumpkins, she learned a few other techniques that she wants to incorporate in her next appliqué project. She’s even talking about hand stitching our appliquéd pieces. I’m good with the outcome and just need to continue practicing.

Dori’s Pumpkins


Katie’s Pumpkin

As for our free motion quilting… WELL… That’s a whole different story. While I like my end result, I know for certain I can use a lot of practice. I need to learn to BREATHE through my free motion quilting as I tend to hold my breath. And Dori also felt that her free motion needs some practice.

We both had the similar thought it wouldn’t be so difficult and yet when we got going, we both realized that it was tougher than we expected. What we both took away from this project is that we want to work on our free motion quilting because it’s definitely a technique that we like but need some major work on!

Katie’s FM Webs

More FM Webs

We both used a fabric pencil to draw in the straight lines and a few of the strains between but found that it was easier to just go with it after awhile instead of spending time drawing in every single line.

Dori’s FM Web

We both had a problem with nesting threads on the back of our runners though we tried different techniques. I know we need to tack down our quilting but my machine didn’t want to corporate with me and make it neat. So I have clusters of thread knots along the edges of my backing.

Katie’s Nests

Katie’s Finished Product

In the end we have a finished product ready to be placed out for everyone to see for Halloween! It’s been a learning experience but we got a lot out of it.

Doris Finished Product

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7 thoughts on “TGIFF: Halloween Table Runner Sew Along

  1. WHOOMP There THEY are! Thanks for linking up. These are cute pumpkin runners. FMQ is also something I want to be good at but it takes a ton of regular practice. And keep on practicing, like daily for months & months. I keep stopping my daily practice and each time I start up again…it’s back to the drawing board for me.

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