{VIDEO} How To Beat That Creative Funk

It never fails. Life gets busy. Things get in the way. You unexpectedly find yourself unable to summon the energy to make a mess and get crafty. Well, what do you do?

I’ve recently found myself in a creative funk. For all the reasons listed above, I couldn’t find it in me to do any of the crafts that I loved. After a week of hemming and hawing around, I decided to make a list of ways to break through my creative funk.

I felt so much better having complied a list of ways to work through my issues that I thought I’d share them. Enjoy the video below and share in the comments anything you have found that works for you!

3 thoughts on “{VIDEO} How To Beat That Creative Funk

  1. Katie! Great video! I’ve used all these to help me out of my funks as well. One thing I’d like to add is to take a small UFO or small project and finish it. Sometimes the act of finishing something propels me forward. In addition to writing lists – breaking things down into smaller steps helps as well. 🙂

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