Meal Prep Monday: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

When the seasons start to change and a chill is in the air, is there anything better than some homemade chicken noodle soup?

NOPE! It’s honestly the best remedy for a chilly day or a fall cold.

Now every one and their mother probably has a chicken noodle soup recipe but I’m sharing my tips and tricks to making a hearty soup that’s good for the soul.

First I start with boiling whole chicken breasts. These are skinned and boneless and I use about 3-4 lbs of chicken. If it’s too much, then I just chop the left over chicken and add to my salads or lunches for the week. Nothing goes to waste!

I boil the chicken in water with some sea salt but no other seasonings. I wait to season after they are mostly cooked through. Once they are tender and juicy, I pull them out to chop them up into cubes and season. Then I let them cool off on the cutting board while I work on the rest.

I use these No Yolk noodles for my soup. In the water that the chicken was boiling in, I cook the noodles until they are just done. Since I will allow the seasonings, veggies, and other ingredients to simmer awhile together, I try not to overcook the noodles or the chicken so if they end up a little undone that’s fine. They will finish cooking when I add everything together and let it simmer.

While the chicken is cooling and the noodles are boiling, I sprinkle this Poultry Seasoning over the chicken it give it some great flavor.

As the noodles cook and the chicken is cooling with the seasoning sprinkled on it, I chop up some carrots and celery. I usually do 4-5 stalks of celery and match the amount of carrots to the celery for balance. I can always use the left overs for snacks.

Once the noodles are mostly cooked, I strain them in the sink ad dump the water. Using the same pot, I drop in some chopped onions and garlic with a little oil to get a good sizzle going. Then I add in the carrots and celery to the mix to cook a little together with a little of that poultry seasoning.

Once the veggies are cooked but not too tender, I throw in the chopped chicken and noodles then pour over it some chicken broth. The broth I eyeball and add until all the ingredients are covered. I do go low sodium when I can. If I don’t grab the low sodium broth I am careful not to over salt.

With everything thrown together, I allow it to sit and simmer for a good long time. Making such a big batch allows us to eat soup for a few days. And rarely does this soup go uneaten. My son loves it, my husband loves it, and I love it too!

The chunky chicken and the soft noodles with the slightly crunchy veggies are wonderful on a cool fall day. And if someone in your house is feeling a little under the weather, it’s a great meal to have on hand.

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