WIP: Friendship Quilt Almost Done!

I’ve been slowly regaining my creative mojo the last couple of days. First, I cleaned my craft room then I worked on a DIY project that gave me a small yet sweet taste of success. These little steps have helped me get back on my machine and sewing again.

Feeling the itch to sew had me pulling out my friendship quilt that I started months ago. It was a kit given to me by my parents. After the majority of the top was pieced, my husband informed me that he would like to have it as his own quilt.

Okie dokie, I said! The Friendship Quilt is now his and I’m getting close to the end of this process.


Yesterday I fit the borders on and wrapped up the entire top of the quilt. After having my husband hold it up to himself, we decided it’s the perfect size and won’t need any more border to thicken it up.

My husband was excited to wrap his new quilt top around him and test it out, saying it’s great but that he wants a nice thick batting to make it his number one blanket to sleep with. So I have some shopping to do in the coming months. He wants a fleece like backing and a thicker batting so that he had officially get rid of the ugly blanket he uses now and replace it with my beautiful batik quilt.

I’m excited to quilt this one because there are so many wide open space that I can play with. Each square is large in the center with a wide border on each side and a square at each corner. I see so many possibilities with the quilting that I can’t wait to get through the process of basting the layers together and jump right into quilting.

I’d like to set a goal and get this thing done before 2016 rolls around so that he can use it through the cooler months.

This set left me with a bunch of great scraps so after the borders were complete I started to play around with them and create an improvisational quilt square. There is no pattern and no guidelines other than to just work through the process as each piece is added. So far I’ve got a good working base and I’m enjoying the free creative process here, although that slanted edge there makes me a bit nervous…

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6 thoughts on “WIP: Friendship Quilt Almost Done!

    • Thanks Linda. Your comment really brightened my day. And you are right! It’s totally the type of quilt you can find more to love about it. I can’t wait to quilt it and add more things to love 🙂

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