Hobbies Up To Here Episode #21

Happy ALMOST Thanksgiving hobbyists and crafters!

We have a thankful podcast episode for you today!


We’ve got a couple of finished quilt tops ready for some fabric shopping. We hope to visit our local quilt shop for some backing and batting.


Dori’s Twisted Pinwheel



Katie’s Friendship Quilt

On this podcast we reach out and give all our followers and listeners a hearty thanks for being apart of our lives. You’ve touched us with your comments and your support. And a special shout out to Lorinda at Laurel and Pine who turned me onto Periscope. I’m so appreciative of the community we’re apart of there and grateful to each new friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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5 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #21

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  2. Hi Dori and Katie,
    I tried to find the right episode for this, but couldn’t, so I decided to comment on this one.
    Your live periscope audio was so much fun. I wish I could watch it, but it’s too late now 🙂
    I wanted to chime in about quilt terminology. And I do this with helping intentions, so don’t take it personally, please!
    I’m an immigrant of 19 years in this country, and the quilting I saw back in Europe consisted a patchwork blanket for $800 in a shop window that my cousin wanted to buy for his friend. Other than that we have no quilting traditions. With that said, I quit my job in 2001, and while I was looking I had time to watch Simply Quilts on HGTV. I started to record the episodes and watched them over and over again. Back then they were on 2x a day M-F, so I had a lot of work to do. I made my first quilt, which was totally frustrating in the quilting part, and kept on quilting for about 3-4 years. I only made baby quilts, and gave everything away. My friends started to have babies in 2004-2005, I made a quilt for everyone, then took a break. Then I discovered podcasts (are you listening to anyone? There’s a whole community out there.) and started to read blogs. That’s how I learned all the quilting terms, old and new. As you see I have no generations of quilters behind me, I’m not 60-70 years old, and English is my second language. So what I’m saying is, give it some time! Read blogs, spend some time on twitter, and you’ll catch up quickly. And don’t feel like you have a disadvantage. A lot of people are first generation quilters. Hope you have a lovely weekend, and I keep catching up!

    • Hi Kati!
      I used to LOVE watching Simply Quilts! What a wonderful and informative show. It still took me years before I decided to try quilting…it’s been less than a year, actually! Better late than never!
      Thank you for sharing your history with quilting. How interesting! With no generations of quilters to pass on their skills to you, and with English being your second language (I couldn’t tell, you’re amazingly proficient!) all that you’ve accomplished is even more extraordinary. Well done YOU!
      Dori 🙂

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