Meal Prep Monday: Stir Fry Chicken and Veggies

Don’t you just love a meal that comes together easily and can work in a number of ways? Making rice one day and using it throughout the week is one of my favorite things to do for my meal prep.

Now usually I use brown rice but we were short so I went with what I had in the effort to conserve money. This rice went with any of the protein I made during the week but this post if particularly about a nice chicken stir fry meal I made.

Using some pre-cut tenders and the rice I made in my rice cooker earlier in the week, I made a healthy and tasty meal that worked for both lunch and dinner as either a salad or a chicken and rice bowl.

After cutting the chicken into smaller bites, I seasoned and cooked them with some ground cumin, crushed red pepper flakes, and a good dose of Bragg’s soy sauce alternative. I also chopped up some garlic and sprinkled a little sea salt.

I decided to add a little honey to the chicken once it was mostly cooked and lowered the heat to allow it all to simmer together.

Tasty chicken!!

Once everything was cooked through I added in some veggies and gave it all a good mixing.

Along with the veggies, I chopped up some colorful bell peppers and threw it in. VOILA!

This lasted us maybe 3 days, for three people and two meals a day that’s not bad! The boys liked it and it was great on it’s own, over rice, or even topped on a salad.

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