WIP: Joyeux Noel Dresden Plate 

You  know that feeling you get when you are about to cut into some new fabric and you just want to keep them so pretty and perfect but you also want to play with them?

Yeah, this picture sums that up. That tense feeling of “NO! I don’t want to use it, I just want to keep it so I can look at it” mixed with “But I want to play with it too!” It’s definitely a mixed bag of feelings when it comes to cutting into a fat quarter bundle.

Especially one as pretty as the Joyeux Noel kit we added to our stash just last week. It’s drool worthy.

But I didn’t want to keep staring at it and decided to cut into it and attempt my very first Dresden plate. Using four fat quarters from each set of patterns, I cut out my plates using a nifty ruler my mom has. Then I folded each plate, right sides to right sides, along the longer end and sewed the fold together. I chained all 20 of my plates along then snipped them free.

My pile of plates waiting to be snipped.

Now it’s time to press!

Once freed from the chain, my mom taught me how to turn the sewn ends right side out and press down the “dart” so that it came to a crisp point at the tip.

This purple little tool is pretty nifty and helped me get the points nice a sharp.

After everything is pressed and my plates are ready to go, I laid them down and organized them. I had five solid fabrics that I made as my focus points and then placed one of each of the other fabrics in between. That way I felt I had a good mix of colors and patterns.

My final result!! Well, so far! By the time I got the whole circle done, I was mentally drained but very satisfied. So even though my mom sat with me and showed me how to start my center point, I just couldn’t comprehend what she meant for me to do. So I put everything I had done so far aside and promised to come back and finish it once I got some rest and was ready to take on the next step.

Even though I didn’t finish it, I have my center piece picked out and a nice green backing to put it on. I fussy cut the Joyeux Noel piece and plan to appliqué it on the center. This is turning out to be adorable as it is so I may make it into a wall hanging for the Christmas season.

I started this project at 3:00 this afternoon and wrapped up the majority of the sewing by 6:30! So the hardest work was all done within 3 1/2 hours. All I have left is to appliqué it all down then sandwich my finished top, quilt, then bind. My plan is to work with what I have and avoid buying anything new.

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13 thoughts on “WIP: Joyeux Noel Dresden Plate 

  1. Hahaha! That first picture cracked me up! You did a fantastic job, especially if that was your first Dresden plate! It was worth the pain and agony of cutting into the new fabric!! 🙂

  2. Your block is really pretty ! Dresden Plate is just perfect for a Christmas wall hanging. I made pillows last year using that piecing method and really enjoyed it.

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