WIP Wednesday: The “Revolution” Beatles Quilt

To say I’m excited is an understatement.  A few short months ago, I got my sewing machine out of storage after years of nonuse.  Thanks to my daughter Katie, I was inspired to make a QAYG quilt for a friend who’s son was due in a couple of months.  I remember knowing how to turn on my Viking #1+, but even sewing a straight line seemed foreign to me after so long.  I finished the quilt, and yes, caught the bug!

Now, I have a creative space that holds my new Koala sewing table, a crafting table, my mother’s bridal hutch that is bursting with beautiful fabric, my new Baby Lock Aria, and a design wall that has displayed multiple quilts in progress.  Here’s a video of that space from our YouTube channel!

It’s what’s on that design wall that has my heart stopping every time I look at it!

My husband, Reg, is a lifetime Beatles fan.  He has a guitar strap that he loves-it’s the four Beatles individual faces in black and white, taken from an iconic photo from their White Album.  A few weeks ago, he told me he would love to have a quilt made around those images.  That sparked his imagination and mine as well.


Since then, he’s gone to great lengths to make the design in his head come to fruition.  First he designed 12 blocks with borders and a creative back, on graph paper.  He then contacted Matt, a graphics designer (who’s girlfriend, Cassie, works for us), and had him take the images on the web, and turn then into a B&W file that we could have printed out.  He then had another employee’s (Teri) husband, Mark, print out the images, on both light and heaver weight paper.  Reg used the lighter weight papered images on the light box he made me, to trace each image onto Steam-A-Seam.

 After ironing the traced pieces to white Kona, I cut out all the pieces while relaxing with him and binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix lol!

Using the heaver papered images as a map or template, Reg took all those pieces and adhered them to 16 1/2″ squares of black Kona.  I ironed them, and now they await machine appliquéing with invisible thread!

We have nine more blocks to go through this same process.  Every block is different.  Yay for husband/wife creative team work!

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7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: The “Revolution” Beatles Quilt

  1. This.is.amazing! I tried to picture what it looks like when you guys explained it in the podcast, but this is way better than I could imagine. Very cool!

    • Good morning Kati! Thank you so much! As of today, all 12 blocks have their designs ironed on and are just waiting for me to appliqué them with invisible thread. Then I’ll need to sew the blocks together, add the borders then quilt them! We haven’t decided on whether we’ll send this one out to be quilted or if I’ll do it myself. My husband keeps changing his mind as to how he wants it quilted lol!
      Have an amazing day my new friend!

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