Mini Hexi Barn Quilt

I’m never one to turn away from a challenge, especially a crafty one. So when Terri Ann from Mini Barn Quilts and Childlike Fascination reached out to me asking if I’d like to try a mini barn quilt project, I was thrilled to give it a go! I picked a simple one to attempt so that I could focus on the techniques used to create my own little wooden quilt and then share my experiences.

Along with the kit for a hexi flower, which included the bamboo backplate etched with the quilt design, the wooden pieces, and a the hardware to hang our little project once it’s finished, I had on hand some wood glue, a sponge applicator, and some mod podge.

I’ve been using the fabric left over from the fourth of July runner I made for some family members because I just adore this blue flower pattern. So I went again with a very patriotic theme for this barn quilt.

Now mod podge and I have a mixed history of both good and bad. I’ve had some minor successes but I’ve also had some huge fails. I knew I would need to use it for this project so I had to get over any issues I had with mod podge in the past.

Armed with everything I would need, I began the process of applying mod podge to the wooden quilt pieces. Well, I tried to apply it neatly and without much mess but…

Mod podge must have remembered me and decided to throw up all over my hand and the floor and any surface within reach. It somehow knew I had spoken badly about it and decided to get me back. Crafty karma…

Once I cleaned up the mess, I got down to finishing what I started. I applied a thick coat of mod podge to the right side of the fabric so that I would seep through and onto the wooden pieces. I had a layer already applied between the wood and the wrong side of the fabric so they would stick together. Applying a couple of coats to the top would ensure that they would not budge.

While that settled, I got the idea from my Periscope chat to paint the wooden backplate. But instead of paint, I mixed a little glitter with the mod podge and applied that all over.

I felt that this would add a little pizzazz to my mini quilt and make it really shimmer.


After everything dried and the fabric no longer felt tacky to the touch, I pulled out an X-Acto knife and trimmed the excess fabric from each quilt piece.

Look how great they came out!!!!

I did notice a little lifting around the edges so I took a healthy amount of mod podge and wiped down each edge to seal the fabric onto the wood.

Once I felt that everything was well secured and dry, I began to work with the wood glue to apply the pieces directly to the baseplate. There is a piece of paper attached to the back of each piece so I made sure to remove them before I started applying the wood glue. I think I may have missed ONE piece but as far as I can tell, nothing is falling off or struggling to stay attached.

I wiped a clean layer of glue onto the baseplate and also a small amount to the back of the wood pieces. I let it sit for a moment so that they would become tacky. Then, using the etched outline on the baseplate, I lined up my piece and pressed down.

I had on hand some toothpicks to help clean up the space between each piece when the glue pressed up between them. I wanted a real clean look so I made sure no glue dried visibly.

And there you have it!!! My very own mini hexi barn quilt!!

I think the glittery back is adorable and jazzes it up just a bit. This project was quick and satisfying! It came together easily and I love the end result.

There are multiple options on the Mini Barn Quilt site so you can choose your very own quilt pattern to make.

Thanks to Terri Ann for contacting me. She’s easy to reach and answers any questions regarding her adorable little wooden quilts. If you want to take your quilting in a whole different direction, I highly recommend visiting her shop and ordering your own mini barn quilt!

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