Hobbies Up To Here Episode #25

We’re back!!!!
Happy New Year!!!


Our first 2016 podcast is up and ready for you to listen.

Dori is headed off to Road to California next week and next month is QuiltCon 2016! We’ll be there with bells on!!!

Today we shared some updates and then talked about persevering through a project that doesn’t seem to want to go right!

What do you do when you get stuck on a project but are determined to make it through?

We’ve had a few great suggestions during a Periscope broadcast to take it a step at a time and celebrate the little things and also to step back and make something else that will give the instant feeling of success.

And if you ever get stuck in a rut, you can always check out this video on my 5 tips for getting out of your creative funk.

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5 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #25

  1. I’m in the middle of listening to your podcast but wanted to get this over to you before I forgot… Dori, I don’t know what problem you are having with paper piecing but Carol Doan’s class on Craftsy called “master foundation paper piecing” really helped me learn the techniques. I don’t know if it is in line with Niemeyer’s technique so I hope I don’t confuse you even more. But I wanted to get it out to you in case there’s a chance it would help you. I don’t do paper piecing often, but when I do I usually reference parts of her class before I start the project. Hope it helps! 🙂

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  3. Hello Ladies,
    Listening to this episode I was taking notes! 🙂
    For paper piecing I can highly suggest The Craftsy 2012 BOM (block of the month) class with Amy Gibson. It’s a free class, and from all the videos I’ve seen on Youtube and on Simply Quilts I think she is the one who finally explained paper piecing in a way that if you do it her way you will never mess up a section again. She does an extra step when she is checking if the fabric will be enough, and that does it. Lesson 12 is paper piecing, and she is making the really cool circle of geese block that was very popular in the blogosphere back then. Hope it helps!

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