Hobbies Up To Here Episode #26

A day late but never fear, our podcast is here!!!


We talk about baking and cooking! We both have a love for the science and chemistry in the kitchen and have turned what would normally be a chore into a hobby.


So far this recipe book is a huge hit in the Hobbies Up To Here home. Check it out for some simple yet tasty meals.

And check out our Meal Prep Monday tag for all my posts on the delicious food I make for the week in our home!


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7 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #26

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have some thoughts after listening to this episode.
    Dori, I’m not at the place yet when you did or did not tell what happened to your oven.
    I’ve been listening to America’s Test Kitchen, where they have segments when people call in with questions, and this is a recurring one. They explain convection is just basically 2 fans in the back of the oven, which help the air circulate, and in cases bake faster. That does not apply to cookies and sweets that need to rise. They bring up cheese cake and all type of cakes, and also, chewy cookies. Those should always be baked in the regular bake setting. Hope it helps!
    And Katie, I use Aurifil 50 wt thread for piecing, and Isacord 40wt embroidery thread for quilting, by recommendations of Leah Day. I find those work for me with my machines. Isacord is a very nice shiny thread, a little slippery to work with, but I like it. A lot 🙂 I buy the Isacord from Red Rock Threads, they have $5 shipping on any order.
    I’m slowly catching up! 🙂

    • Good morning Kati!
      I loooove America’s Test Kitchen! We have a wonderful book of recipes from ATK that we use regularly called Simple Weeknight Favorites. I highly recommend it, if you don’t own it already.
      Leah Day was one of the first YouTube set of videos I watched when learning how to quilt. I love her way of teaching! That’s where I learned about Isacord too! Thank you for the heads up on Red Rock Threads. I’ll check them out!

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