Luscious Chocolate Souffle: Yes You CAN!

When I think of soufflés, I see someone gently, slowly, taking their creation out of the oven when BAM! a door slams and the delicate dish implodes.  NoNoNo, I thought, I’d never be able to successfully serve such a luscious dessert with my limited baking skill set.

Until now.

A few years ago, I took a class from private chef David Lawrence.  Of course I bought his book, and OF COURSE I had it autographed!  I pulled the book out last week to research his fabulous recipes for filet mignon, which we decided to serve the family when we get together to celebrate the January birthdays on the 30th. 

 Lo and behold, there was a photo of the most drool-inducing Chocolate Souffle ever.  The introduction to the recipe insisted that ANYONE could produce this dessert, and so, I ran to the store to gather the ingredients.

I fashioned my own double boiler to melt the bittersweet chocolate morsels (I used Ghiradelli premium baking chips, 60% Cacao) and unsalted butter.  It worked great!

 When I finished blending the ingredients, I poured them into 10 ounce ramekins, and put the ramekins in the hot “bath” I had waiting in the oven. 


Oh good God!He was right!  This recipe could easily be on the menu of the most expensive restaurant in town.

 If you’d like to serve something that will have your guests standing and applauding at the end of the evening, I highly recommend you grab David’s cookbook Boy Eats World and get to it!

Happy Baking!


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