QuiltCon 2016, Here We Come!!!

2016 has started off in a rush and I’m looking at the calendar in amazement. It’s already February! Where did January go?!?!

While I’m a little sad that so much of 2016 has already flown by in what feels like a flash, I’m also very excited that January is over because we have plans to be at QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena this February!


Both my mom and I are attending the show from Thursday to Sunday. We are staying over night because we will be attending lectures Friday and Saturday. We decided to keep things simple for our first time and just get lecture passes instead of lining up classes for the weekend. Our thoughts are to go, experience, and survive! Once we have our first QuiltCon under our belt, we know we’ll be better able to pick and choose how to set up in the years to come.

In prepration for this we made our own logo and put it on tee-shirts and calling cards!

Look at us being all prepared and ready to go!

Hobbies Up To Here-7

New Logo!

It was so wild to hold in our hands our very own cards with all our details on them. It also set into motion all the feelings of excitement and nerves because we realized that we would be putting our hobbies into action and really living what we love to do. We love to be crafty, creative, and build community so attending QuiltCon with our little shirts and cards would be, in essence, putting our money where our mouth is!

 photo 4aced976-dea1-4114-9294-0f21bd080403_zpskwo4zj3s.jpg photo 25251d1f-ac55-43f0-9adc-86bc98ef2dbb_zpsckjfyajd.jpg

As we wait for QuiltCon Day to arrive, I’ve set up a little link-up (my first!) so that we can compile a list of other quilters and bloggers who plan to attend QuiltCon this month. If you plan to visit one day or more, feel free to link up so we can get to know each other and even plan a meet-up or two! And don’t forget to check back to see who else has signed up for this great quilting event!


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