QuiltCon: Meeting Jenny Doan

I’m not one to just “meet” someone.  I experience them, and allow them the opportunity to do the same with me, if they so wish.  Such was the case with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company.

 Jenny, along with her husband Ron, were at the Sizzix booth at QuiltCon in Pasadena this weekend.  Though I don’t consider myself a “fangirl” type of person, I definitely felt my heart skip a whole lotta beats when I spied her gentle face and open smile.  You see, along with my daughter Katie, I see Jenny as a savior of sorts…If you’ve listened to our podcasts, you know that a year ago, I was simply getting through my days sitting, eating and watching television.   Though a quiet and thoughtful existence, I didn’t recognize that I was, in fact, in a severe depression.

At that time, Katie invited me to podcast with her on one of our mutual interests, books.  I accepted, and we found that we enjoyed the process, as well as the gift of spending time together in our mutual world of crafting, hobbies and handwork.

Hobbies Up To Here was born in April, 2015, from that simple invitation.

Katie’s love for quilting sparked an old flame that was still burning quietly inside me.  I had no idea where to start cultivating the skills I would need to begin creating again.  I turned to YouTube, typing in “quilting” and waited hopefully for instructional videos to pop up on my screen.

Enter Jenny Doan, and her fun, inspiring and anyone-can-do-this tutorials!

I had never heard of precuts, and that first video used a “layer cake”.  With a few cuts and a huge amount of enthusiastic, happy instruction, Jenny showed me how I could make a quilt in very little time at all.  I was HOOKED!  From that first video called Double Slice Layer Cake Tutorial, I actually made my first quilted quilt (I had made tie quilts in the 80’s) for my son Mike’s 30th birthday.  Whoo hoo!


So, when I got the chance to meet her,  I folded her up in a hug, and whispered in her ear.

“You saved my life.”

I meant every word.

Now, she could have patted me on the head, said gee that’s nice, and sent me on my way.  She stopped her world and took the time to engage me, to share with me, to connect with me and to thank me.  It must have been nice to hear that she had made a difference in my life, not just as a quilter, but as a human being.  Our moment was touching and life affirming.  When Katie joined us a few minutes later, she took one look at me and quipped, “Are you crying???  Geez Mom, I can’t take you anywhere!”  Jenny and I simply laughed, hugged again, and I set her free to see to her other admirers.

You see?  There’s a difference between meeting someone, and experiencing them; I received a genuine gift on Friday, that, I hope, cultivated a lasting memory between the two of us.  Even if it’s only one moment…being present, awake and aware, can be magical.

It was for me.




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6 thoughts on “QuiltCon: Meeting Jenny Doan

  1. I also first found Jenny and started quilting after that. I would really like to be one of her kids and live in that wonderful Quiltland in Hamilton!!!

    It’s amazing the things people you may never meet in person can do for you. You are so lucky to have met Her. Keep it up and one day you and Katie might be on the other end saving someone else:). You two are a couple of my favorites thanks to Periscope!!

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