QuiltCon: Meeting Mary Fons

Every community has it’s Super Stars, those who go above and beyond in talent and work ethic, those whom we admire and respect and set the creative bar to new heights on a regular basis.

Having the opportunity to meet my favorite quilting icons at QuiltCon2016 in Pasadena this past weekend, was a dream come true for me.  Not because I could claim that I had actually met them, but because I think it’s important for me to share my gratitude with these incredible women for inspiring me, and for going the distance to share their gifts with all of us.  Super Star status notwithstanding, they are first and foremost human beings, and just like the rest of us, they like to hear that their passionate service and personal sacrifice hasn’t been given in vain.

Mary Fons has fascinated me from the get-go.  Her story, both professionally and personally, resonated with me, touching both the quilter and the Mom in me as well.  My daughter, Katie, had the same kind of sewing (or non sewing!) background as Mary, and both of them now enjoy learning about this quilting thing and partnering with their Mothers on blog posts, YouTube and podcasting adventures.

Mary was standing in front of the C&T Publishing booth chatting with three other women when I came tip-toeing up to her.  I didn’t want to interrupt, but I had only a few minutes before my next lecture, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to catch her out and about again with her very busy schedule.  So.  I took a breath, stepped into the circle, and joined in the conversation.

It wasn’t long before the other ladies left to do some more shopping.  Mary and I immediately began having what I consider to be a wonderful, deep, soul to soul conversation.  It’s funny how not one person walked up to her during that chat, no one interrupted us, even for a second….I call that a meant-to-be moment for sure!

Katie soon joined us, and, you guessed it (if you read my blog post about meeting Jenny Doan!) the first thing she uttered was “Mom?  I CAN’T TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!”!  Yes, I was hugging the heck outta Mary, and yes, I was tearing up lol!  Such a lovely, amazing young woman.  Later that day, we stood in line to have Mary sign a poster of her lovely quilts for us.  Though all of us were quite exhausted by then, she was just as gracious and attentive as she was when I spoke to her earlier.

 Oh!  By the way!  Mary and her mother, Marianne Fons of Fons & Porter, have added a new adventure to their creative journey.  They recently started a podcast together called Quilt Your Heart Out.  The unique thing about their podcast is the we can participate!  Mary and Marianne invite their listeners to call this number- (773)273-9120- and leave a brief message with a question we would like to have answered.  The other fun thing is, it doesn’t have to be a quilting question;  it can be a LIFE question!  How cool is that?  If your question is chosen to be on their next podcast, “Heather” will call you ahead of time to set it up so that you will be able to ask your question live on the next broadcast.

Well my lovely friends, it’s time for me to CREATE!  Let’s get our quilt on!





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