The Splendid Sampler: Block 3 Lots of Love

Block 3 for the Splendid Sampler went live while I was in Pasadena at QuiltCon. So I came home and instantly printed it so I wouldn’t fall too far behind. I was already finished with block 1 but I had yet to start block 2. While this whole process isn’t a race I definitely wanted to stay on track so I didn’t get frustrated.


This blocked looked fairly easy from the directions except that I’m having a difficult time seeing the true size of these blocks. They seem easy because in my mind I’m seeing a huge block, not a 6 in finished product. Yikes…

This would make most of the pieces used to create these hearts miniscule. But never fear, I’m on it and I plan to take on every block no matter how difficult!

Luckily for me I have a good friend Sherry who sent me a link to a great blog posted at Bits From The Scrap Basket: Piecing Lots Of Love. This post saved my sanity! I really found it easy to follow.

Especially when the blocks are THIS little. I mean, really, these things are tiny! I’m not used to sewing anything this size but I made it through and felt pretty good about the whole process!

Luckily for me we had no plans Saturday and I had a head cold so I wasn’t going anywhere even if I was asked nicely. Instead I rested all morning and sewed all afternoon, get block 3 done in one day!

It’s so cute!!! And I love my color choices. Having that red to add a little pop to my Little Black Dress 2 set really makes the whole thing pull together nicely.

After making this block and posting a Periscope broadcast to show my progress, I realized there were a few things I had learned along the way that helped me make these teeny tiny blocks. So I sat down in my sewing room and put together a list of great items that I find necessary to get through this sampler project. Feel free to check out my Youtube video here or read the list below.

For me, I find these things have really helped me along.

  1. Starch. And lots of it!
  2. My purple thang. This tool really comes in handy to measure this seams.
  3. Sticky notes to write down anything thoughts on the patterns or to organize your cut pieces before sewing together.
  4. A fabric marker/pencil to help mark the diagonal stitching lines
  5. My Omnigrid 2.5 in ruler is a rock star!
  6. Using a fat quarter bundle with coordinating fabrics helps lessen the distractions of other fabrics and streamlines my color choices.
  7. The big one: Create a pattern binder. It keeps all the patterns together and you can store scrap fabrics in the pockets and your finished blocks in the sleeves with their corresponding patterns.

On to the next block!!!

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