Ryan’s Cases for Smiles: A Worthy Cause

Kids and cancer: two words, I believe, don’t belong in the same sentence. But we live in a world where young children struggle with cancer and its treatment on a daily basis. And beside these little superheroes are a their parents, siblings, doctors, and nurses helping them find hope and push through.

As a parent myself, I sometimes feels helpless when I hear of the hardships other parents face when dealing with the diagnosis of cancer for their child. While we wait for the right tools to fall into the right hands at the right time to find a cure for cancer, what do we have to give to these families as they strive to survive such a devastating disease?

Well, how about some smiles?

While at QuiltCon 2016, we were approached by Cindy and Lisa from Ryan’s Cases for Smiles. Now, in all honesty, I struggle a bit with some auditory processing issues so when we were walking around on the vendor floor of the convention center, I had some trouble hearing some of the conversations we were having with all these amazing people. As with most crowded places, when a conversation starts I use my adaptive skills to help me fill in the gaps when I have a hard time understanding what’s being said.

So when Cindy Kerr approached us, I didn’t quite catch the beginning of the conversation. But as things progressed and I took some cues from my mom’s facial expressions and her body language in addition to the material we were handed and the pieces I did hear, I realized Cindy was there to ask us to help them get the word out for their wonderful organization.

Ryan’s Cases for Smiles is a caring group of people working to help young cancer patients “feel better to heal better”. By making and donating pillow cases made of fantastic fabrics that would cheer anyone up, this organization is making a huge difference in the way a child feels as they go through the necessary treatments to fight their battle and be well again.

All they asked of us was just to spread the word of their wonderful organization and I couldn’t agree fast enough! Any chance I have to help a child going through something as tough as this is a chance I’m happy to take!

Check out the video below of all the wonderful things they do to help these little superheroes fight the biggest battles of their little lives. Help a child smile and donate some fabric, a pillowcase, or your time.

Head over to Ryan’s Cases for Smiles and help out in any way you can!

Find them on Facebook: Case For Smiles

Follow them on Twitter: Case for Smiles

Check them out on Instagram: Case for Smiles 

Pin with them on Pinterest: Ryan’s Case for Smiles

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Cases for Smiles: A Worthy Cause

  1. Reblogged this on Heading For The Heart and commented:

    Please take a moment and read this post, and watch the attached video. Giving children with cancer a bit of brightness and love while going through treatment, is something we all can do!
    Thank you,
    Dori and Katie

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