Hobbies Up To Here Episode #32


The head cold I had last week has officially made its way to Dori so come prepared with your vitamin c and your tissues for this week’s episode of Hobbies Up To Here!


Today we talked about technique. The definition of technique is a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure. Together we tossed about what it means to us when it comes to our number one craft, quilting.

We ask the hard questions like when is a technique worth learning? How do you choose a particular technique for a project? And what are some future techniques we’d like to learn?

Check out the new quilt Dori finished! She discusses what techniques she employed to finish this beautiful baby quilt and which she would like to improve on in future projects.


My Splendid Sampler blocks are really giving me a lot to think about and learn. Each block has presented me with something new and I’m learning that I can pick and choose which techniques I want to keep in my tool box.

Check out these posts for block 1, block, 2, and block 3. I’m so happy with how they are coming out and I hope to be able to keep posting my progress as I go so definitely come back to check on all my future blocks!


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11 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #32

  1. I also have become a starcher on my material! It does make it alot more accurate. I press to the dark side, it is alot easier with nesting the seams and I twirl the centers. I do not use quilting gloves also, I tried them the first time and couldn’t get the feel of it.

    • Thank you for sharing Sherry! I’ve got to learn how to twirl seams. I agree, pressing with starch makes all the difference too.☺️.
      I have soooo much to learn!
      Dori 💝

  2. A lot of us here in the mid-West call those who just make quilt tops….. TOPPERS. TOPPERS usually make the top and send them to the long armer or have someone else do the quilting. Some times they just put the top aside to save for another day. ( I do this with my really big quilts >80 to 100 inches but I like FMQing the smaller ones… just cause I cannot physically handle the big quilts. I also send out GIFT QUILTS because I want the best FMQing possible for the giftee. ) I know one TOPPER who sells her tops on Etsy or Ebay as she says she only likes piecing and she wants to get rid of her stash… so she sells her tops ( mostly baby, child and throw size.) I know there are quilters who only like quilting process. TIM LATIMER loves to buy antique quilt tops on line then he fixes them so they lie flat then he hands quilts them…. He has done this for years. Recently he started doing WHOLE CLOTH QUILTS and winning prizes at AQS shows. He does not piece but he is still a quilter.

    I think the days of labeling quilters is thankfully passing and we are all quilters we just do what needs to be done for that particular project.

    • Hi Nonnie!!!
      Thank you soooo much for responding. Wow…I’m literally taking notes from everything you’ve shared. I’m feeling better informed after reading your comments and I’m excited!☺️ Yay!

  3. Pressing seams to the side is a traditional technique …. batting use to beard thru seams if the seams were pressed open ….. it was less likely to happen with seams pressed to the side. Bearding is less of a problem with modern batts but it is still a possible.

    I think that long-armers like the open seams because it is easier to do the FMQing ….. less fabric to sew thru. That said open seams tend to be weaker and can break open especially if there are tension issues in the sewing.

    Seams to the side adds strength to the seam which is less likely to pull apart during use.

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  5. Oh yes… I starch all the way through the process of making a quilt…. And, I always wash every finished quikt… Love the crinkles…. But, I never press. Never.

    Love the baby quilt!

      • I just might invest in a case! It really does make a difference…and I don’t have any problems with flaking…. Frances, the Off Kilter Quilter, recommends spraying the bavk, and allowing the heat if the iron to draw the starch through the fabric… Sometimes I do that… By the time a quilt is fond, the fabrics have usually been starched at least twice…,

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