The Splendid Sampler: Block 5 Simple Simon (Not!)

It’s time again to share with all of you, our readers and friends, my recently finished block from The Splendid Sampler quilt along. If you’d like to see my past blocks, check out block 1, block 2, and block 3. I have jumped out of order and skipped block 4 but I intend to get it done soon as I can get the appliqué parts drawn up!


Block 5 arrived and I instantly knew I could blow through it in a flash. Maybe it was all my past success or maybe it was because I recognized the 9 patch in the background and felt confident that this block wouldn’t cause too much difficulty.

Boy was I wrong!!

To start, this block is the first in my series without the red focus color. And, still, it looks wonderful. I’m adoring this fabric set and really love the combinations, no matter which I choose to use.


My rows came together quickly and I made sure to starch them like crazy because I’m finding the starch really keeps the fabric flat and easy to sew with once I start combining multiple rows with thicker seams.


My 9 patch alone was gorgeous and I could have stopped right there and I would have been completely satisfied. It’s the same pattern but with different colors and the way the fabrics play together is really beautiful.


I mean look at those points!!

And then came the Great Chopping. I had to cut the block into four squares so that I could add the borders in the middle. Now, had I been thinking outside the box (pun completely intended) I would have just measured to the center, marked it, then sliced right down and then flipped it around to do the same across the middle.

But no, for some reason I decided to measure in and cut to the measurement in the pattern and not the true size of my block at that point. I didn’t take into consideration that the measurements in pattern would not match up exactly to my very own block in reality. There are too many variables that can come into play and a small crooked cut on one small piece can cause the block to measure differently.

Either way, I went by the pattern and when I measured for the cut, it wasn’t right. It was a little off. So when I applied the middle borders, some of the corner pieces didn’t line up as was as I would have liked them to.


But looking at it here you can’t even tell and that’s all that matters to me. I know what I did wrong and now I know how I’d fix it. As for this block, I’m leaving it just as it is! It’s a good looking block with well balanced colors and fabrics. Other than some trimming that will happen when I want to fit a border to it, it’s still very beautiful and I’m happy with the outcome!

And now I’ve learned, don’t take a “simple” block of granted. All blocks have their difficulties and need to be respected thusly!

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