Hobbies Up To Here Episode #33

It’s that time again, hobbyists and crafters. Time for another edition of Hobbies Up To Here!


This week we have LOTS to share with you.

Firstly, we have a new email addresses! If you have questions, comments, or concerns for either one of us, you can email us directly!

Dori: dori@hobbiesuptohere.com
Katie: katie@hobbiesuptohere.com

Secondly we’ll be updating our Details tab and adding a Podcast tab for easy access to our podcast episodes!

We’ve had a lot going on lately from sew alongs to finished quilts to fresh starts to quilt shows.


Dori’s paper piecing progress.


It’s coming along!


Last weekend we went to not just one but TWO quilt/crafting shows here in southern California.

  • On Saturday, we took a trip to Pomona for the Quilt, Craft, & Sewing Festival at the Pomona Fairplex. There was SO MUCH to see there and my dad was in the mind to seek out long arm machines. For research purposes (wink wink).
  • Then on Sunday we went to the Friendship Square Quilt Guild show in La Habra. We saw some beautiful quilts, met lots of wonderful crafters, and even passed out a calling card or two!

Of course it’s hard to go to a show and NOT buy something. Both of us came home with some goodies.

Quilt & Coffee Chat

This week we introduced a new segment called Quilt & Coffee Chat. During this portion of our podcast, we’ll continue the discussion of past episodes, reply to blog comments, and read email from any readers or listeners we’ve received.

This week we shared comments from a few readers who gave us something to chew on and think over.

  • Nonnie from Nonnie Quilting Dreams shared some fascinating background and history on quilting terms, pressing seams, and what different types of quilters are called in the midwest. Check out her comments on Episode #32.
  • Alida  from Tweety Loves Quilting commented on Episode #30 about coding and quilting and the blend between modern and traditional quilts. She’s hosting a pretty  cool blog hop in May called Art with Fabric. Definitely check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to participate in!
  • Kati from Kati’s Quilting and Sewing shared with us her experience of learning quilting and sewing techniques from HGTV and how we just gotta get in there and give ourselves the power of knowledge by learning any terms we need on our own. Her comments are here on Episode #21.
  • I shared an email from Christa Watson that I had received. It had a beautiful picture of her thread stash that I was blown away by. So beautiful and colorful! We often forget to share other stashes we keep for all of our crafts so seeing a thread stash was fun and inspiring.

During our coffee chat, probably after the second cup had kicked in, we shared some of the other podcasts for crafters and quilters all around the web. We’re in great company with SO many awesome podcaster out there. And Nonnie has a pretty comprehensive list of podcasts to check out. She keeps it updated pretty regularly so pop on over, give it a peep, and check out some new podcasts!

And make sure you keeping checking back as I’m expecting a new mystery stash box to arrive in the mail any day now! I’m testing out some of the quilter’s box subscriptions available. So far I’ve received my first Try Me box from Quilter’s Stash Box. Next up is my first Quilty Box and in April I’ll receive a Sew Sampler box from the Fat Quarter Shop. I’m planning a full Youtube review video talking about the pros/cons of each box!

A lot is happening here at Hobbies Up To Here so make sure you’re subscribed to us so that you don’t miss a thing!!

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12 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #33

    • Isn’t it cool? And the kit is so simple that Jake is really powering through it. My only disappointment is that it won’t be bigger than a lap seized quilt unless we added to it. But he’s ok with that.

  1. Loved the long episode ladies! Great job… even the goofiness at the end. 🙂 I love to save all my quilty and crafty podcasts for the weekend and listen while I do crafty stuff. I usually don’t have a chance to comment but I’m trying to do more of it and be more part of the community. 🙂 I see you saw the Martinelli rotary cutter and it reminded me of our conversation at QuiltCon about getting a table that would work for both of you guys given the different heights. Anyway, martinelli has a table that has the hydraulics that will move it up and down AND have it angled for proper cutting position. 🙂 It’s way outside my budget and NOT something I’ll be doing anytime soon BUT thought it might be something you may be interested in. For me, I think I’ll be sticking with my StandDesk. At $700 it will work for both my working desk and cutting station. Have a great week ladies! 🙂

    • And it’s funny, Melanie, we saw that Martelli table at QuiltCon right after we talked and were mesmerized by the whole thing. We even mentioned to her that you suggested the standing desk option too. But man are they expensive! We saw them gain in Pomona (where my mom bought the rotary cutter) and they are so cool but just way out of budget. Have a great weekend Melanie! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness, I feel so honored! 🙂 I’m glad my comment didn’t rub off the wrong way!
    So YAY for gamers! What do you play? We play League of Legends with my fiancé 🙂
    It was so nice that the podcast lasted through my walk 🙂 I mostly listen through my commute 30 min 2x a day, plus while at work doing laundry and ironing.
    I’m originally from Hungary, left when I was 25. My name is pronounced more like KAH-ti (not sure if that’s the right phonetics, but it’s an AH instead of A).
    I have to say I’m behind with podcasts because I started listening to the Outlander series also, and the 7 books took me 2 months of listening. I loved Davina Porter’s narration.
    Dad is a real artist! I love classical guitar mjsic, and thr fact that he composed them himself is even better! I used to go to music school for 8 years, played the piano and the recorder, tried out the clarinet for a year, but that didn’ t stick with me 🙂
    I used to babysit for a boy with ADHD, from age 6-9. He was taking occupational therapy at school, he was also very skinny, like Jake. His Mom cut out all the sugar from his diet (I mean added sugar, fruit was ok), and he was improving a lot. She also inserted extra butter with his pancake breakfast, and wherever she could. Today at age 16 he is a black belt tae kwon do instructor 🙂 I would ask the pediatrician about the effect of nutrition changes. Hope he gets better!
    Oh, and please keep putting the bloopers in because they are hilarious! :))

    • Hi Kati! Thank you for your support and for taking the time to leave comments! I’m on book four of the Outlander series on Audible. I read four of the books years ago, but I’m loving having them read out to me while I sew. I can’t wait to listen to the ones I haven’t read yet! I’m a huge fan of Davina Porter’s narration as well.
      Do you still play piano and the recorder? What a wonderful gift to have!
      LOL! Not everyone catches the bloopers….I’m glad you enjoyed them!!!!
      Have an amazing week!
      Dori 🙂

    • Oh I was SO CLOSE with your name! When you wrote that you were an immigrant, I wondered if you were from any part of Eastern Europe because my son’s grandparents are from the Republic of Georgia and they call me Kah-ti isn’t stead of Kay-ti. Thanks for letting us know. Right now I’m playing Mad Max whenever I get the chance. Can’t play while the little man is awake and I’m usually sewing in the evening so I try to balance between gaming and sewing.

  3. Thanks for another wonderful episode! You did great pronouncing my name! You did much better than many of my high-school teachers that after 5 years still kept calling me weird names (any combination of A, I, E, C and D) 🙂 I am Italian, but my name is not very common, so they never got the right accent, or the right name, but you did great! And thanks for the shout out for the blog hop! I hope people join as participants or as viewers because it is going to be fun and inspirational!
    The Darth Vader quilt is just amazing. It’s great to learn how to sew when one is young: I touched the sewing machine three years ago for the first time, who knows where I could be if I started earlier, but in Italy sewing was not that popular 🙂
    I am looking forward to listen to your next episode, and great job with the Splendid Sampler blocks too! I am doing them myself and they are fun!

    • Well then that makes sense. My mom’s side of he family is Italian so we’ve got it in our blood! We appreciate you listening and commenting and sharing with us. Our listeners/crafty friends are what make this a community! Looking forward to your blog hop!

    • Good morning Alida!
      Yay! I’m glad we got your name right! My name is easy to pronounce, but it’s the spelling that catches people up lol! How my parents gave me a Greek name (Dorinda) in a predominantly Italian household is a mystery to me!
      I’m so proud of my grandson and his Darth Vader quilt! I’m glad Katie is teaching him while he’s young as well. I bought Katie a sewing machine when she was nine years old, then proceeded to drop the ball in teaching her HOW to sew. I’m grateful she’s sharing this wonderful hobby with me now.
      Have a wonderful day, Alida!

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