The Splendid Sampler: Block 4 Happy Happy

After my success with my first time hand embroidering on my block 7 for the splendid sampler, I decided to go for it and work on block 4, Happy Happy.


When this block first came out, I wasn’t sure about the vase. It’s supposed to be a bit wonky but for me it wasn’t a cute wonky, just wonky. Between that element and that I hadn’t embroidered before, I had put this block aside for another time. Then it was time to take it on.

I played a little with the design and cut different sizes and shapes of flowers while altering the vase into a more hour glass figure. I guess being that I’m shaped this way it really called to me!

I used a little Elmer’s glue and heat to get my pieces to stick down. Not my favorite way to go about that but it was what I had on hand for the moment. I seriously need some fusible webbing of my own at home.

I broke out some mouline DMC thread to add some sparkle to my vase and I have to say, I disliked it very much. It was very difficult to use and maybe it’s not meant for this but in the end I like how it looks but I don’t like working with it.

All of my appliqué was done by hand. I’m still not turning the edges around but I’m loving the process of appliqué. It’s great to have a handy project I can do while I sit next to my husband at the end of the day.

Almost there! By this point all I needed was to embroider the leaves and stems. I loved the way the vase looked and the teeny tiny stitches on the flowers/circles really tied the whole thing together. (literally)

I thought I would add some small black stitches around the border on the vase and didn’t like the way it looked. To me it looked like tiny black ants were marching across my block so I ripped them out and left it alone.

And ta-da! My favorite block (so far). Now I couldn’t leave things are they were and had to continue stitching some words onto the vase. This block really makes me happy to see it. It’s beautiful and shows how far I’ve come.

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