WIP: Jake’s Darth Vader Quilt

My son is a pretty interesting character. He loves soccer and playing Minecraft. He reads comic books and “boy humor” books like Captain Underpants. He’s fascinated with space and science and he loves the color pink.

What can I say, when I made him I broke the mould!

When I started quilting oh so long ago, Jake was fascinated with my machine and all the working bits. Then he started working on his own projects with my help.

Well this year he turned the big 1-0. And with some of his birthday money, he bought himself a quilt kit at the Pomona Crafting Fair.

Along with all of his interests, Star Wars is a big one, too. And this old school Star Wars mama is completely thrilled with this.

His kit came with two panels that included all his fabrics. We had to cut them apart to get started. The Vader panel is the center piece to the whole project which I felt was a great choice for Jake. Other than some light piecing around the edges, the main focus is already done for him.

So we sat down together and worked through this project. I did the cutting, he did the pressing. Then he sat down to sew and I took over the pressing so that he could focus on keeping things neat and straight.

He was pretty proud of his progress and I made sure to document his journey. Who knows how long he’ll enjoy sewing let alone the company of his mother!

The next day we sat down and really planned to whip through the rest of the borders. The project is fairly straight forward so I wanted him to work through it from beginning to end and not lose focus.

And we finished. Well, with the top at least. After we had everything squared up and ready to go, we shopped for his backing fabric. We went with a Kona solid in black to keep it simple.

I’ve left enough fabric to roll over from front to back as the binding. I figure I’ll be binding it although I’d love to see him attempt to quilt it. That may be asking a lot but it’s worth a try!

I was really proud of him. He stuck with this project and saw it through to the end of the top. He put a lot of effort into it and made sure he took his time to do his best. It’s a good looking top that just needs some quilting and binding!

Did I say he loved Star Wars? Well I wasn’t lying! This is his newly made Imperial Assault Carrier that he made on his own (I only helped a little).

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