Hobbies Up To Here Episode #34

Hey hobbyist and crafters! Grab your tea, your coffee, or wine (it’s 5pm somewhere!) and sit down for another episode.


Our current works in progress are coming along.

  • Jake and I started his Darth Vader quilt. He did 99% of the sewing and I’m really proud of him!
  • My mom is moving along with her paper piecing class.

  • I finished my first 8 splendid sampler blocks and celebrated with a YouTube vlog!

Our topics today are some doozies!

Have you ever been SO creative, it scared you? Well, I had a moment like that this week when my brain took off on an idea for Alida’s Art with Fabric blog hop.

And my mom had an AH-HA moment this week about making mistakes and the personal feelings that come up when what’s done is “wrong”.

She’s enjoying a new book called Quilting by Hand by Jinny Beyer.


Quilt & Coffee Chat

This week we highlighted a few comments and replies from our fellow crafters and quilter’s.

  • My mom posed the question to everyone whether to machine or hand quilt an already started project.
  • A big big thank you to everyone from Jake and I for all the great comments and support for his quilt project. We are so very appreciative of all the positive feedback we received and I know it means a lot to Jake!

And lastly, we sampled some tea from Plum Deluxe. Thank you to Andy for considering us and our podcast as a place to share your wonderful community and tea products.

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3 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #34

  1. Another fantastic episode! Let me start by saying that I love the intro music! So beautiful and very well played!
    I got so scared when you, Katie, said that you didn’t touch your sewing machine for a while because you were overwhelmed by where your creativity was pulling you for my blog hop!! 🙂 I didn’t want to kill your sewing mojo 🙂 but I understand your feeling. I had similar thoughts when I was preparing each of my “art inspired” pieces for the Project Quilting challenge (I picked a Matisse too for a piece… just saying) 🙂 I had the same issues with “scaling down” my thoughts to meet my skills, my stash and the timing of the challenge. I see it this way: they are “test pieces”: when you want to make a quilt you may make a test block to test your skills, fabric choices, technique, etc… same here: you have a big quilt/project in mind, but you purposefully design a scaled down version where you can play with the idea! This takes away also the stress of “perfection” because you are “just” doing a “test piece” so you don’t expect yourself to be perfect but actually you try to figure out how to make it work for you, so you may make some mistakes on purpose because ehi why not? 🙂
    Don’t stress too much about the hop… you can even share a work in progress that day, it doesn’t have to be finished. I love your enthusiasm about this idea, and that’s what the blog hop is designed to do, not to add stress to our already busy lives 🙂
    Thank you both for inspiring conversations! I totally agree with Dori’s reflections on doing things right and being scared of disappointing others. It is difficult to overcome those thoughts that come from our childhood, but that’s why we play with fun crafts like quilting, right?
    Keep up with the fun sharing!!

    • Good morning Alida!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you! I actually exhaled a grateful breath when I read your comment. Your support and suggestions are wonderful! And yes….playing with fun crafts is a great way to help overcome difficulties from childhood. Yay!
      Enjoy your day!

    • Thanks for listening Alida and for commenting. I’m so excited to tackle this project but I’m stuck at that first step. All I have to do is just…..jump! Now I did sit down at my machine this weekend and ripped through two splendid sampler blocks and felt really good about them so I’m not completely stumped, I just need to organize my planning of army Matisse and then DO IT! Get off my butt and go! And you are right. It doesn’t need to be full sized. A small project first is fine, then maybe the big dog later on. So I’m not giving up and my completed blocks gave me some small successes to fuel me so you can count me in! XOXO

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