Hobbies Up To Here Episode #36

Hey hobbyists and crafters! It’s podcast time…

Wait… Isn’t it Thursday?

Yes. Yes it is. And due to Dori’s pending trip to Ireland (lucky ducky) we are podcasting a day early this week.

Super excited to hear how Dori’s trip goes! She’s already reached out to a few shops in Ireland to visit so I best put in a list of goodies to bring back before she leaves!


Don’t forget to say hi to some sheepies!

Today we have NO TOPIC! So it’s just a sit and chat kind of day. Also included is a small segment from my little man talking about some of his crafty creations, including paracording!

While I may not be sewing or quilting much, I am taking some time to organize my crafty items and do a little journaling/scrapbooking with whatever I find.


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4 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #36

  1. If you are having trouble actually sewing blocks …. consider pulling fabrics you would like to put in the sampler blocks…. I get a 3 ring binder and plastic sleeves … then put print out of directions and fabrics in the binder….. so when I am ready to do the blocks I have a jump start. I do not work on the blocks unless I am really anxious to get back to quilting….. sewing blocks when I am not excited is a recipe for disaster…. being ready to jump in usually results in a better block….

    Have fun with your son …. there comes a day they are off on their own and do not have as much time for dear old mom… JUST ENJOY


    • Thanks Nonnie. I have my binder going with the sleeves and printouts and my fabrics are from a fat quarter set that’s gorgeous. I’m just not feeling like sewing much these days. I hope my mojo comes back sooner or later!

  2. Great podcast today ladies, however, I have to say my favorite part was with Jake! He did such a marvelous job, and you can just tell by his voice he is really excited to do the podcast and likes to spend time with you!

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