Journaling For Me!


Lately I’ve been feeling anti-creative. Making a huge mess and then having to stop and clean up what I’ve started doesn’t appeal to me much these days. It might be that I’ve been working hard in my classroom and I’m too tired to start something big at home.

While I may not have the urge to pull out fabric and get my machine running or to sit there for long stretches and sew, I still have the urge to be creative in other ways.

We’ve lately been on an organizing and cleaning streak, going through all of our closets and drawers, donating things we don’t need that are still in good condition and tossing broken bits. Deep in the darkest corners of my closet I found a bag full of stickers and empty journal pages from a trip my son and I took years ago. Seeing the undone work waiting to be finished, I got the urge to pick up my journal again.


Journaling for me isn’t just a Dear Diary log of what’s going on and what I’m feeling. Instead it’s a way for me to remember and catalog many of the things that are going on for my future generations to read. It’s a mixture of memories written, pictures shared, and little trinkets of happy instances. Tickets, pictures, clippings, race numbers, and lots of decorative stickers to spruce it up.

There is something very cathartic about writing out your thoughts and what you remember of a certain moment in time. To me, as I watch my grandmother battle Parkinson’s and dementia and memory issues, knowing that I’m writing down my thoughts now before they disappear forever, gives me a sense of calm. I know my son and any generations after will have this log book of all that happened before them so that if I can’t remember, they will still have our history to look back on.

IMG_9500 2

It’s also a great way to clean up! All those loose pictures just laying around from a time when we had pictures printed end up used and stored safely. And instead of all my scrapbooking supplies taking up space, they are put to good use!

To help inspire me to write more often and to keep up my journaling, I’ve created a Pinterest board to collect ideas.


There are so many resources out there from prompts to graphics that make a journal more than just ink on a page. The ideas take a simple page of thoughts and turn them into interactive memories.

Do you journal and/or scrapbook? Have any favorite layouts you’ve created recently? Feel free to share them!

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