Hobbies Up To Here Episode #38

Dori’s back!! And we have nothing creative to talk about!
So instead we shared ghost stories about some of the weird goings on around the house.


Next week we should be back to our creative ways and we hope you enjoy this week’s story telling!

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3 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #38

  1. Guys… I tried emailing you,…using the address provided…but my email bounced back… Rats!

    Bonnie Hunter regularly quilts on a treacle mavhine… She collects vintage machines… Have you ever watched her Quilt Cams?

    And wanted to say this…. One if my grandsons had had the same issues thst Jake deals with… His doctor prescribed a medication that allows Daniel to focus… He is a lot happier, now… He can focus, both at home and st svhool…and his life a a lot better.

    Please don’t be afraid to provide Jake with a medication that can help him live a better life…. It my be just as necessary to his will bring as daily doses of insulin would be, if he were a diabetic….

    Oh… Dory… Lynn Marquedant, of Simply Colorful….who dies a weekly Fiber Cast on Friday nights….may be able to help her to find some doll making buddies,

    I’m enjoying high yiur podcasts and uTibe videos…

    Sandy Grogg
    Lebanon, Ohio…

    • Hi Sandy!
      I’m totally bummed your email bounced back! My name ends with an “i “…does that help?
      Thank you for all of your supportive suggestions! I’ll check out Lynn Marquedant for sure!
      Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you Sandy for the great input! I’ll have to seek out Bonnie Hunter’s quilt cams. I love watching vintage machines at work! So glad you stopped by to say hello! And we’re definitely not taking medication off the table just yet. It’s still an option for Jake if our first options don’t fit right 😃

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