What’s In Your Hands?

Have you ever been somewhere that required you to wait around for some time? Like the DMV or the airport? Maybe even closer to home like waiting to pick up your child from school or football practice. It’s in these times that I always find myself wishing I had something to do.

Yes, Words with Friends and Doodle God on my phone are entertaining but more often than not, I find myself bored with games and wishing for something to keep my hands busy that was also creative.

Enter hand crafts and projects on the go! I’ve recently learned of so many options for sewing or crafting while I’m out and about. Some of them have stuck while others I’ve learned to leave at home even though they appear portable. A few favorites have made their way in to my handbag anytime I leave and know I’ll be waiting for some time.

The first: hexies! Simple paper hexies used to paper piece fabric. I use premade templates and I use scraps from my stash to create hexies quickly and easily.


I currently use a basting stitch to create fabric hexies but many friends have shared that they use glue to hold down the folds. Making a good stash of hexies can keep you busy but also give you a good source of items to appliqué to a finished project.


Through the Splendid Sampler, I’ve learned to love my second favorite portable project: embroidery. With a hoop and some floss, I can create darling little pictures on my quilts to add a little something special.


After tracing a picture onto my fabric, I simply straight stitch the outlines onto the fabric I want to use for my finished product. Or, you can upgrade your skills and attempt some more intricate stitches to add depth. This is one of my favorites to take with me.

If you’d like to see some of these crafts and also what other crafters think are great on-the-go projects, then join us on Periscope at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST on May 12th for our weekly Periscope hop with the #honestcraftroomies. We’ll be sharing our favorite crafts to take with us when we must leave our sewing rooms!


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