Hobbies Up To Here Episode #40

Hey hobbyist and crafters! We’re back and ready to roll with episode 40!!


This week we share the people who made us do it!
They inspired, encouraged, and even taught us how to do the things we didn’t know we wanted to do. We each shared those who got us into a new hobby or enabled us in some way shape or form. Check out our lists below!


Photography inspiration: Greg Lucker
Personal inspiration: Me (Yay!) and Jennifer Kerr
Tatting inspiration: RustiKate
Knitting inspiration: Lucy Neatby and Vickie Howell
Quilting inspiration: Christa Watson, Leah Day, Angela Walters


Personal inspirations: my mom and dad (thanks for the crafty genes!)
Quilting inspiration: Jenny Doan (and mom’s too!)
Handcrafting inspiration: Honest Craft Roomies on instagram!
Embroidery inspiration: Alyssa Thomas (by way of the Splendid Sampler)


  • We’re looking forward to our So Cal Quilter’s Run!
  • Check out GoGoKim and The Sewing Loft for a fun Instagram hop for all those quilters staying home and missing out on Quilt Market!IMG_9709
  • If you are thinking about buying a Quilty Box subscription and you’d like to help support Hobbies Up To Here, feel free to click this link. We’d appreciate it! (Affiliate link)

2 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #40

  1. What a fun podcast! I have been listening and catching up on past episodes. I’m a SoCal girl also, hopefully I’ll run into you during the Quilter’s Run!

    • Oh yay!!! It would be awesome to meet up! We’re really looking forward to the run this year. Thanks for listening and for the great convo about the box subscriptions.

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