Pillow Fight Anyone! 

I’m not great at finishing projects. I have a bunch of started projects just sitting around waiting to be completed.

I’m not sure what it is about my inability to finish things. The only thing I can imagine it being is my extreme distractibility. Ask my husband, he’ll tell ya. When I clean house it’s a wave of jobs started as if I picked up the broom and started sweeping then saw the laundry needing folding so I left to do that with the pile of dirt still in the middle of the floor but then I realized the bathrooms needing cleaning so I ditched the laundry and headed in to wipe down the counters.

See? All over the place.

Last July I made a table runner for some family members and had a bunch of left over scraps.


So I started using the scraps to build hexies. I really loved the process of making them and even took them on the road with me. The only problem? What to do with them.

That’s when I put them together into a flower and hand stitched them to some more scraps from the same projects. This was an easy project to carry around with me so I took it to football practice, the doctor’s office, you name it and I took my hexie flower there.


But then it sat for a long time. It wasn’t until I moved and had my new sewing room all askew that I saw it laying there and decided to jump in. I think because I was in one of my “cleaning” moods and I was organizing everything in sight, I saw my project and all the stuffing for a pillow just laying there and it was easier to use it rather than find a place to store it.

Thus began my work to create the smallest, cutest fourth of July pillow ever. Using the cover I made and a simple backing I made a case and stuffed it with the cotton lying around. Sadly I ran out. So I improvised…

One of Jake’s stuffed dinosaurs had been attacked and ripped open by our ratty pets. They chewed through his toes and pulled out the stuffing for their own nests. Since this lovey was pretty much done for, I decided to use it to finish stuffing my mini pillow.

And voila!!! My mini hexie pillow made just in time for the summertime festivities. I’m still debating whether to keep it myself or give it to the family members I made the runner for. I guess I could make my own runner and keep the pillow. If I have enough to make another.

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