Hobbies Up To Here Episode #43

It’s that time of year again, hobbyists and crafters. It’s time of the 18th annual So Cal Quilter’s Run!

This special edition of our podcast is to share with all of our local listeners the schedule we have created for this wonderful time of year.

If you aren’t local, let me share with you what we’re planning for the next two weeks. Starting June 16th, 21 local So Cal quilt shops are opening up for a special shop hop event. Every year they pick and theme and every shop decorates accordingly. You got a booklet and a space for every shop so the you can collect stamps/stickers for each visit.

There are prizes, free game pieces, and lots of great people to meet and greet.

We’re looking forward to it!!!

So far we have a plan to hit most of the shops (even though we both secretly hope to hit them all and enter the drawing for the Grand Prize!)
While we have great intention to hit every shop on the list, we know that life may get in the way so our schedule is subject to change. The shops are listed by their numbers on the map and we will be visiting them from top to bottom of each list.

June 16th
Area 2
We’re starting on our home turf the first day and plan to cover all of Area 2 by Thursday.

FullSizeRender 52.Quilter’s Cocoon
4. The Sew N Sew
3. The Quilt Cupboard
1. Orange Quilt Bee

June 17
Area 1
Our second day will included a nice LONG trip out to Lancaster to cover all of Area 1!

FullSizeRender 4

1. Bolts in the Bathtub
6. The Quilter’s Studio
2. Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Company
4. Quilt Emporium
5. Quilt ‘n’ Things
3. New Moon Textiles

June 23-June 24
Possibly Area 3

Our schedule gets a little iffy due to my hosting responsibilities. If I no longer have a  guest at my house, we’ll definitely hit the two closer shops in Area 3 and leave the 3 furthest for another day.

FullSizeRender 6

5. Tops & Bobbins
1. Busy Bee Quilt Shop

June 25
Area 4
This day is also up in the air. Until we know what days I’m hosting our international friend, I may not be available. But, if I am, we plan to spend the day traveling to the most southern area on our dance card, Area 4!

FullSizeRender 7

1. Cozy Creative Center
4. Memory Lane Quilt Shop
6. Quilt in a Day
2. Fat Quarters Quilt Shop
3. Inspirations Quilt Shop
5. Quilter’s Cottage

If we feel up to it then we’ll head back out to Area 3 June 26th to go to the other shops that we missed. But as we know, everything is flexible so we’ll do what we can!

We hope you enjoy the podcast today and if you are hopping around the shops of So Cal, we hope to see you around!

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2 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #43

  1. LIKE shop hops but have been doing the ROW by ROW experience instead … you get a free pattern at each shop that participates …. can win a prize if you use 8 patterns from any shop you go to that is participating … but you have to make a quilt and allow it to be displayed. Most of the states participate in this contest …. no passports needed. H

    • Yeah we started the row by row last year and didn’t get as much enjoyment out of it like we did the run. But I love seeing the row by row quilts as people post them. So beautiful!!

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