WIP: Quilting Darth Vader

I’ve been quiltingly stunted. No sewing, no quilting, no piecing. Nothing. We can blame the move, the virus I caught, or the general craziness that has been our last month.

After all the hustle and bustle of the last couple of weeks, I was looking forward to a day with nothing on the schedule. That day was last Sunday and I requested that we did very little. I mean, staying in jammies all day and no moving around much. I decided with this much needed downtime I was looking forward to getting into my craft room and doing some sewing.

I decided to pull out Jake’s Darth Vader quilt. Jake made the top himself (with only a little bit of my help) and I had already pinned the layers together. It’s been sitting my “to-do” pile for a while and I have a simple straight line quilting plan, nothing super fancy so I pulled this project to work on.

I didn’t spend too much time tracing some lines onto my fabric, instead I made a few and then used my guide for the first time. I had to fish it out of some hideaway in my machine but I’m glad it wasn’t far away.

I’m using a white Aurifil thread and I think it’ll look sharp on the black fabric. Kinda like pin stripes. My lines aren’t super straight but I’m not worried about them being perfect, I’m focused on getting this quilt finished.


So far I’m half way done! I got all the lines quilted across going in one direction. Next I’m planning to turn it and go the other direction. It’s got a little bit of a wave to it but I can live with it. It gives it texture and flow.

The back looks great, too. All stark and black with sharp lines of white. And I think going back the other way will look great, making little diamonds across the quilt. Jake thinks it’ll look like two Lightsabers fighting.

Whatever makes my little guy happy!

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