Hobbies Up To Here Episode #45

Crossing fingers there are no technical issues this week, here is episode #45!!!


Jake and I recently shared a new DIY project we attempted at home with some old crayons. So far, we’ve had some major success!

Have you ever had an Ah-Ha moment?
Those moments when something clicks and inspires you?
This week we share some of our recent ah-ha moments that got us going creatively!

Dori’s doll making interest has been sparked again! This time with soft dolls. And a recent ah-ha moment has her inspired and seeing doll making in a whole new way!

Angela Walters and Christa Watson shared a shirt design on Instagram with the slogan “Finished is better than Perfect” and this really stuck with me. So much so I’ve jumped back on my machine and I’m working on a few projects at the same time without the worry about it being perfect.

Quilt & Coffee Chat

For our quilt and coffee chat this week, we shout out to a few friends, fellow crafters, and followers who have reached out and made our day a little brighter with some kind words of encouragement.

  • I recently had the pleasure of some back and forth with Pat Sloan on a YouTube video of mine. We chatted a bit about The Splendid Sampler and about the flexibility of the sampler.
  • Our sweet follower Sandy has been catching up on some past podcast episodes and we wanted to give her a shout out and a thank you for the uplifting and positive encouragement!
  • Also to Claudette, a YouTube subscriber that has been very supportive of our YouTube adventures. She’s been watching for a while and leaves comments of the most wonderful and positive words. Thank you!!
  • If you caught my Instagram post the other day of a new show that I found on TV called Craft Wars, then you’ll want to check out this YouTube Channel for this awesome, FUN show (if you can get past Tori Spelling as the hostess). It’s pretty inspiring and lots of creative fun.
  • I also received some happy mail and I really enjoyed the goodies in this Stash Builder Box!

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