Hobbies Up To Here Episode #46

Hey hobbyists and crafters! Episode #46 is ready to roll out!


Going into this episode we had NO clue what we would talk about. We were without a topic!!! Instead of our usual discussion about some crafty topic, we decided to just sit and chat about what’s going on in our lives.

We chat about our new healthy lifestyles and the few crafty things we’ve got our hands in. I share my issues with too many electronics in everyday items (I see you Sleep Number bed). My mom shares some of her thoughts about exercise and getting herself moving again!

My mom is super happy with her interaction with the people over at Doll Makers Journey. Not only has she learned a lot from their tutorials and videos but they have been nothing but wonderful when an item she ordered didn’t arrive. They were quick to resolve the issue and with a great sense of humor about it. Thanks Mary Ann!

My baby quilt is moving along. I shared my disappointment in it this week but the positive response from our readers kept me going and I’m now putting the blocks back together. I’ll post updates soon!

Myra over at Busy Hands Quilts is hosting a new Friday link up. It’s for those projects that just don’t get finished by Friday but you’d like to share all your hard work. Check it out by using the link attached to the button below!

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

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7 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #46

  1. Great episode… You had me laughing out loud when you were talking about beds that coukd ho up and down….

    You girls are an inspiration…. At 73, I figure reso weight loss is an impossibility….but I can make some positive heaothy changed in the way I eat and do SOMETHING for 30 minutes most days…. Even if the 30 minutes is broken up…. It’s all good.

    I worked on stitching down the binding on a quilt I made for my 83 yo Aunt Dorcas. While listening today….ma very pleasant way to spend an hour.

    Keep up the VERY good work….i other podcaster a singing your praises..,

    • Good morning Sandy!
      I’m right there with ya Sister! And thank you for the encouragement. 30 minutes a day is doable!!!

      What kind of quilt did you make Aunt Dorcas? Yay for being on the home stretch with the binding!
      Thank you again Sandy for sharing with us! Have a wonderful day!
      Dori 💝

      • I’ve discovered Tula Pink’s LOLLY pattern… It is so smoke, and easy…and yet the results can be amazing… I’ve made two, and am planing a third… LOLLY calls for a jelly roll… That’s all… I don’t do borders anymore,..as a rule…so one jelly toll dies the entire quilt. About a third makes a good crib/lap quilt. …

        I sent an email to hobbiesareuptohere,,,,per the blog…but it came back… I’ll try again, and send you pics…

        Dori…. I stopped dying my hsir last year, and am do hsppy I did…. My hairdresser…Jack,,,,says women psy fir my color… It’s so nice not to have the expense and bother of keeping up with my hair color… Almost all of my friends have done the same… I love your hair color… The cut is youthful…and it is the cut that makes gray hair work…

        Looking forward to the next podcast, and any uTube vudeos….

        God Bless,,

    • After 3 weeks of exercising every day and just making little changes, I’m finding it easier and easier. Those first few days were tough and I was very cranky but now it’s becoming routine and I’m feeling happier. It’s definitely worth it to move a little each day and make small changes.

      • I’m having trouble just getting started… I’ll be 74 in September, I don’t sleep well at night, and I tire easily,,, my plan is to rejoin the Y,.,, I love the warm Sr. pool… A couple of days a week would get me started….I hope…

      • Good Morning Sandy!
        I totally agree with you….I love how easy my life is not that I don’t have to color my hair every two weeks! And thank you for your kind compliment!
        I’ll have to check out Tula Pink’s Lolly pattern…thank you for the suggestion!

      • You will like LOLLY.. It’s easy, fun, modern looking, and is the perfect design got jelly tolls…

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