Hobbies Up To Here Episode #49

Hey hobbyists and crafters! It’s Katie and Dori with an other episode of Hobbies Up To Here!!


Today we delve into stitching! Stitching can encompass so many things from making clothing, hand sewing quilts, and darning socks. But we focus on counted cross stitch, embroidery, and even touch a little on thread punching.

Dori shared an original piece of her’s done years ago when they had Home EC classes. Oh how jealous I am! I wish we still had the choice to take sewing classes in school!

This fine fellow was once a pillow but has since started to fall apart and is now free of it’s original purpose and ready to be mended.

We both had a history with counted cross stitch. It takes us WAY back into the late 80’s and 90’s when the internet was new and Round Robins were in.

This tool, so lovingly known as the needle minder (or as I call it The HotDog) was lurking in my closet to be rediscovered by my mom for her stitching needs.


Lavender and Lace Angel of Light

My mom is still working on her Angel of Light, similar to the one pictured above. It’s gorgeous and intricate and even in its state of undone, it’s just stunning.

All of my cross stitching projects are in various states of unfinished (are we surprised?) and range from barely started to 90% done.

This one is so close and it’s calling me to whip out my needle and thread to get those last back stitches and details done!

Definitely check out our Facebook live video where we share a whole slew of new fun things for me to dip my needle into. Everything from iron on transfers and a gorgeous free form mandala!

Thread punching is new to both of us and this book was based along to us from my Nonnie. This is a WHOLE world of stitching I’ve never seen before but we’re both fascinated by it and may add it to our list of things to learn.

For more info check out this YouTube playlist of Punching Embroidery Designs. Finding current videos on this process is a little tough but it’s worth a look!

Dori was gifted with a pattern to make a little handy bag for all her on-the-go beauty items or crafting needs. She whipped it together in NO time and it’s just adorable!

Great finish!!!

And now time for a few shout out!
coffee chat

  • Dori has a HUGE thank you to all our readers and followers for the support offered and the kind words on her finished quilt. I’m telling ya, the pictures don’t do it justice!
  • Thank you Leah for letting us know how to properly pronounce your name!
  • Hello to the ladies who visited recently. You can find G and Sherri on Instagram and also thanks Michelle for the lovely visit with Dori. And a hardy howdy to Stephanie, too!
  • Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting left a wonderful comment on our last podcast comments. We really appreciate the time and effort you took to share your thought with us. Thank you!

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