DIY Steampunk Kid Costume

Every Halloween, we get creative. And not just Halloween, but it’s something about Fall in general. I love the colors, the feel of the season, and it gets my DIY craftiness going.

Because Halloween is all about becoming something you are not everyday, my son and I have always made our costumes as much as possible. And this year was no different! He wanted to dress up in the Steampunk style (thanks to the TV show Steampunk’d).

With his style in mind and a few ideas on what pieces we’d need, we headed over to Pinterest to gather some ideas and plans to bring his look together. He found one picture that turned in his main inspiration.

Then we took off to Good Will.

There we hit a home run with a $0.99 vest, a top hat, and even some goggles. We filled in the other pieces with things we had around the house. His black pants, white shirt and boots were all clothing items we already had. Then we took an old Nerf gun and some other toys that we would antique for a more steampunk look.

It turned out to be quite the undertaking. You have to lay down a good base before using the Rub and Buff wax to get that antique look. I sprayed a matte black coat on a sanded down Nerf gun and a little plastic squirt toy for his hand. Waiting for everything to dry probably was the lengthiest part to the whole process.

While I waited, I began the task of Gorilla glueing all of the cogs and chains to his Good Will top hat.

Then we waxed and buffed all of the antiquing colors onto his weapons. We used Rub and Buff in different tones and while it made it easy to change the obnoxious orange and yellow of the Nerf gun to a great antiqued weapon, I didn’t quite do it as instructed. I painted it on instead of rubbing and it just took longer than expected. I still think it’s a great product.

In the end Jake LOVED his costume and the overall look. Below are the final results (except for the trench coat he added when it got cooler).

We love to DIY and we love the Steampunk style. Pulling them both together made a great costume that got lots of compliments.

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