Our Annual Thankful Post! Episode #55

It’s that time of year again, hobbyists and crafters! Time to get down and thankful!

We start off our podcast this week promising some future content to be posted! So keep an eye out for these future posts.
Basting Gun Review
Subscription Box Review
Future Book Discussion

We have a few WIPs on deck and a few of them aren’t quilting projects!

My mom’s Curved Log Cabin is coming along.

Some crochet books have arrived!

If you think it LOOKS soft, just wait till you feel it!

My dad has a gift for dollies. Here is one he made!

I’ve started some creative journaling in my new Sark’s Journal!

A little of the stitching I’ve been doing on my mandala.

coffee chat

Because we are feeling so thankful, we wanted to shout out to a few listeners/friends who reached out with some comments.

  • Thanks Alida over at Tweety Loves Quilting for thinking of us!
  • And to Kati for thinking of us, also! Check her out at Kati’s Quilting and Sewing.
  • Don’t forget to go over and subscribe to Frances at The Off Kilter Quilt! We’re reading her new book Birds in the Air and we’ll share our thoughts on it soon!
  • Julie reached out to ask about the Luminess Airbrush system. We hadn’t used it before but Dori jumped on the chance to try out a new makeup product. She’ll have to share her thoughts when she’s used it! Thanks for listening, Julie!
  • Nonnie from Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams podcast shared a fabulous recipe with us from our Monday post. Definitely worth checking out!

Last year we shared everything we were thankful for and we plan to keep this a annual event. It’s great to take time out of our busy lives to share our appreciation to all of our friends and family! If it wasn’t for all of you, we’d just be two crazy crafters sitting around talking about our hobbies.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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