I Bought Myself A Gun…;)

This one isn’t for self protection, or to go out and bag my own Christmas turkey.  To be exact, it’s a basting gun!  It came highly recommended by one of the employees at my local Jo-Ann fabric store, and I thought, why not?  I love gadgets, and my hubby was itching to try it out himself.

Soooo he and I had a Jo-Ann date, and bought this Dritz basting gun with 500 tacks and an extra refill pack to be sure we wouldn’t run out.

As soon as we got home, Reg immediately set to work lol!  I spread out my Curved Log Cabin quilt on the floor, and he began basting.

Talk about easy!  I was concerned that squeezing the trigger would hurt my hand…nope!  I was also worried that the needle used to insert the tacks would harm my fabric…nope!  The holes are no bigger than a basting pin.  The next concern was the distance between the head of the tack and the end piece.  Would there be too much loose fabric, allowing the quilt sandwich to shift while quilting?  Nope!  Here’s a photo of the spacing for reference.

I felt basting with this gun went smoothly and quickly.  The next test was actually quilting with the tacks in the quilt.

This proved to be a bit trickier than I wanted.  The only way to remove the tacks, is to snip them apart.  I used an older pair of scissors, and carefully cut when I got close to a tack.  Removing the tack’s two pieces was a bit of a nuisance at times.  Sometimes the bottom piece disappeared.  I lifted my sewing table insert, and yup, the errant ones  slid between a crack in my sewing table.  I didn’t want it ending up in my bobbin case, that’s for sure!  Oh, and like pins, don’t sew over them.  I sewed over one, and I had to cut it apart bit by bit (the needle sewed right through the plastic), or totally unquilt an entire line of quilting.  I was successful at removing the plastic pieces, but what a pain lol!

Not a bad way to baste, but honestly, not necessarily my number one choice.  The cutting part slowed me down more than I’d like, and of course, there’s the fact that refills need to be purchased.  For a smaller project, I think this would be my go-to choice.  Larger ones?  I’m still a fan of spray basting.

Do you have a favorite basting technique?  Please share!



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7 thoughts on “I Bought Myself A Gun…;)

  1. Thanks for the review, Dori. I think I’ll stick with spray basting for small projects. Having to stop to snip all of those pins would probably drive me crazy. I have a 21 inch quilting machine on order that is suppose to be here in January so maybe I won’t have to worry about basting my large quilts after that. Can’t wait!

    Love your podcast!

  2. Thanks Dori! I have always wanted to know how it would work and you did a great overview! I myself love to spray vast and I think I’ll keep it that way! Love listening to you and Katie! Thanks again! PS basting is by far my least favorite part of quilting!!!

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