Puttin’ On The Glitz Beauty Talk Episode #58

Well, hobbyists and crafters. It was bound to happen. We finally recorded our LONGEST episode!


Almost 2 HOURS LONG! So sit down, get comfy at that sewing machine, and hang on for a fun chat about foundation, a review of the Luminess Air system and a fun guest appearance at the very end.

Dori shares her experiences with individual lashes based on this tutorial from A Crafty Fox.

We play around with her new Luminess Air system and even include a mini live review as I give it a go!

My mom gave us a review of her experience with the basting gun, as promised.

Our guild meeting plans got rescheduled (boo!!) due to real life, like soccer and a holiday duties at school. But never fear, we still plan to make it out to our first guild meeting in January!

We also got a featured post mentioned over at Rebeckah’s Treasures!

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6 thoughts on “Puttin’ On The Glitz Beauty Talk Episode #58

  1. Fun episode! I am half way but I want to comment before I forget 🙂 Thanks again for the shout-out: it’s always so fun (and weird) to hear someone mentioning my name in a podcast! I am always like “oh, wait, what? they said my name!!” 🙂 🙂 just a minor comment, I didn’t change my website, I have two: one is my personal blog and one is the one that I use to run QALs as people that follow those events may not want to get emails with my personal weekly updates, successes and failures :). It’s confusing I know, but it helps me keep things organized.

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