Growing Up QAL Block 1

This year for 2017 I’ve join a QAL (quilt along) or two from around the web. Now, my past experience with QAL’s has not been so great. I tend to lose interest or get so busy that I fall behind easily or I find myself in a QAL  and learn that I’m not interested in the type of blocks being made and thusly drop out.

This would be my reasoning for leaving behind the Splendid Sampler QAL. I learned through that one that I’m not fond of small blocks. Too fussy for me. And it makes sense, I’m not a fan of  patterns and following direct instructions so not only doing what I already don’t like PLUS making super tiny squares wore thin quickly.

But I’m not a complete quitter. I do intend on making it through a QAL at some point so I joined up with Alida from Alida (TweLoQ) Designs for her Growing Up QAL. Now these blocks are MUCH bigger (12 inches, yes!) and there is only one a month which is more manageable for me (at least I thought so). And I’ve already completed the first block which was an appliqué rose or heart.

My goal this year is to dive into my stash and only work with fabric I have on hand. I’m trying NOT to buy anything new. I had made a block the night before in some red/white/black combo that I love so I decided to stick with this. Because both QALs are the same sized finished blocks, maybe I can piece them altogether in the end and make a big sampler for me.

So I went with a tiny red pattern and a cream background. The appliqué kind of intimidated me because I instantly saw the cuts and corners and felt that strain of “Ugh, too fussy”. But it was beautiful so I cut it out and pressed it on. I chose to machine stitch it down with a dark crimson Aurifil thread that matched the small crimson pattern on the flower.


It was a bit stressful managing those corners and as long as you don’t stare too closely, you don’t notice when I went off roading a few times (just a few).


It’s now complete and hanging out on my design wall with my other blocks.


But I do have quite the mess to clean up. I can never do anything simply. I alway shave to get in there and just Tasmanian devil the place.


And thankfully I had some gift cards because I didn’t have any fusible webbing to trace and iron on my design. With our weekends being so busy I had no time to pop out and grab what I needed till this weekend when we had no weddings, baby showers, or soccer games.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Up QAL Block 1

  1. You did a fantastic job with your block! I really like the classic colors you picked, very elegant. And I am happy that you are enjoying the QAL: I picked that 12” size exactly because I didn’t like small blocks either and because it is a pretty common size that allows mix and match with other QALs 🙂 thanks for sharing block!!

    • It’s totally a relief to be working with something so substantial. And thanks for the encouragement! I’m pretty proud of my stitching. Much better than I expected!!!

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