Problems With Patterns Episode #62

We all know that feeling. Reading a pattern and it’s going along fine until you hit a snag. Suddenly, it’s like the instructions are written in a different language, one you don’t understand.

Well, we asked our fellow quilter’s and listeners what their go-to solutions were when facing a problem with a pattern and today we share those thoughts and comments! So tune in and maybe you’ll learn something new along with us!


And to celebrate our friends all going to Quilt Con this week, there is a Quilt Non 2017 Instagram hop happening. Last year we had the chance to go to our first Quilt Con and it was amazing!!! So even though we aren’t there in body, we are there in spirit.

Happy Birthday to G and Sherri, some of our wonderful quilty friends we met at Quilt Con last year.

If you want to see any of the original comments from our friends and followers about the topic today, feel free to check out our Instagram feed and our Facebook page with the links below.

And if you are interested in a very details tutorial on binding your finished quilt, check out the Fat Quarter Shop video below that Dori really got a lot out of!

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4 thoughts on “Problems With Patterns Episode #62

  1. I thought I left a comment here… sometimes I have issues with wordpress… or maybe I left it in another post… this is a test comment 🙂 if this goes through I will repost the real one 🙂

  2. (let’s try again with the long comment ;))
    Ladies, I think we are kindred spirits! 🙂
    Instant Pot, Twilters and troubleshooting patterns are all great topics of interest for me!
    First of all: I got an Instant Pot after hearing it from Sandy (quiltingfortherestofus) and I was terrified that it will blow up my house 🙂 when I was a kid my mom had a pressure cooking accident (nothing major, but pretty scary for a child) so I never touched one of those… I decided to try this because it seemed to be safe and to take care of itself (especially because it is electric). OMG, I love it!! Like Dori I don’t enjoy cooking but I enjoy throwing things in the pot, pushing buttons, go back to my sewing projects and have a yummy and healthy meal at the end 😉 I am looking forward to your episode about it! I want more recipes and tips! I did all kinds of soup, steamed veggies, rice pudding, and more… but I want more 🙂
    Welcome to the Twilters! I am part of that group, it’s very cool and supportive… and I got in just messaging Frances 🙂 it’s funny that you Katie went to this quest to get in! Asking sometimes is just the best option… which brings me to the last topic: what to do when you have problems with a pattern.
    After google and youtube, I highly recommend just asking the designer if they have an email contact not just if you know them! 🙂 they are usually pretty helpful and kind. I had some negative experiences (as the designer) because I heard from third parties that people were complaining about some of my patterns without ever receiving a direct question from the people that had problems with the patterns. I cannot fix what I don’t know it’s “wrong” in the first place, and I am only human. It was really hurtful to hear those bad comments, and it made me seriously reconsider my commitment in designing and sharing patterns (especially the free one) because it takes an enormous amount of time, and if the result is being belittled, that’s not fun! Of course I then changed my mind as the quilting community is mostly kind and supportive, but my message is: try to reach out to the designers… they are human and most of the time kind… and if they are not, that’s good to know too, so you can know where not to spend your time or money 🙂
    Thanks for another fun episode!!

    • Hahah, so I found your other comment. It somehow ended up in spam. Thanks for the special behind-the-scenes comment about talking to the designer directly. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Yeah the Instant Pot is amazing but still makes me a little nervous when it hisses and takes forever to start up. Still, I love it!

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