Instapot Inspirations Episode #63

While quilting and crafting are our top priorities when it comes to our hobbies, we’re human and we have to stop cutting fabric at some point and eat! This is where our new found love of the Instant Pot has come in handy. Check out our latest episode where we chit chat about our recent cooking successes!


I’ve already shared some of my success with the InstaPot (really, we know it’s Instant Pot but we love to nickname things!) on my Meal Prep Monday post not long ago. Together, Dori and I talk about our interests in learning and doing more with our magical opt of foodie goodness.

#quiltnon2017 was a blast and we even WON SOMETHING! How cool is that! Check out the hashtag on Instagram so see all the great posts from this weekend’s stay-at-home party while all the Quilt Con-goers got to party it up live in Savannah.


UH OH!! There are a few finishes in da’ house!!! Dori wrapped up grand baby #2’s quilt and even a little fuzzy-love for it to cuddle some day. That post will being coming to Hobbies Up To Here soon!

coffee chat

  • A shout out to a new follower/listener: Nat Alee (@natalee4444). Thanks for the love and sharing our fun little podcast!
  • Alida gave us some great insight into how to talk to a designer about a problem with a pattern, our last podcast topic. It was super helpful to here what she had to share!
  • G of @blingnailsbyg shared our little podcast with some of her Instagram followers! Thanks for the love, G! xoxo

Thanks again to all our listeners and friends. We feel blessed to be apart of such a wonderful, crafty community that’s supportive and loving. We hope you continue to enjoy our little chats and that you feel like we’re sitting with you, laughing and sharing with you 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Instapot Inspirations Episode #63

  1. I debated so much at Christmas about getting an Instant Pot. They were a really good price on Amazon and I regret that I didn’t.
    I ordered Home Chef’d after hearing this episode. I am doing WW too and work long hours (12+/day). I think it will help!
    Could you help me become a part of the Twilters? I hear everyone talking about it and I can’t figure out how or where to join.
    Thank you

    • Ok I’d say buy one! I’m ready to get my own because I really did use it a lot and it’s so quick and easy. As for Twilter, search for Twilter Gates on Facebook, friend them, and they will add you. I found out about this from Francis at The Off Kilter Quilt and that’s how I got in.

      • I wrote about considering the Instant Pot on my blog and got several comments. Everyone loves it. One reader said to absolutely get the bigger version. She wishes she had and says even a small family could use the larger one.

  2. Enjoyed your podcast very much ! You both kept me entertained whilst sewing on a quilt binding. I bought a Sunbeam Multi cooker at Christmas time ( same thing ), and I love it. We haven’t really had the weather here to use it to it’s fullest ( heatwave in Australia), but can’t wait to make soups and stews in the winter. My favourite recipe so far ( came with the cooker) has been Lemon and Dill Lamb Shanks,, yum ! I follow recipes on FB by This Old Gal, and there seems to be some different ones. Looking forward to catching up on some past episodes.

  3. I was drooling over the food part as I was listening while driving before breakfast. Dangerous times! 🙃
    I hate to say this, but Katie, everyone is invited to the Quiltcon party, but most people decide to pass. Nothing to be sad about. Hopefully you can make it next year! I’d consider if it came up to NYC area or the suburbs. Not everyone can go to every single one, and that’s okay. We have other things to do 🙂
    I think Dad should get a longarm! I’m so envious of Dori having a partner who is so enthusiastic about quilting.
    Great podcast as always! I’m messed up number wise, so now I’ll listen to the previous episodes.

    • I totally, agree. Dad SHOULD get a longarm! I’d love to learn and I know my little Jake loves to play with longarm machines every time we take him to a show. Maybe some day!

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