Shower Thoughts Episode #64

What is it about the warmth of a comforting shower that brings up the most ingenious thoughts and plans? And of course it happens when you are all wet and unable to stop to write down all the great ideas you come up with!


Today’s music is brought to you by Reg (AKA Dad). The song was originally written as a lullaby for Jake and all the future grandbabies. Here’s to Jake, our big 11 year old, and our new little Logan.

We were surprised by a call from my sister announcing that Logan was on his way! He decided to come a little earlier than expected and he’s just perfect! Welcome, little man!


Papa and his newest little man.

This month we are playing along with the March A Long 2017 hosted by the Scientific Quilter.  The goal is to sew/quilt/stitch/press/organize or anything in the realm of sewing for 15 minutes a day for the month of March.

It’s the beginning of the month so we set some goals. Dori is going to work on her curved log cabin. I’m going to continue with my blocks for the puzzle box quilt.

We share our shower thoughts for our YouTube channel. There is a plan to attempt some Pinterest crafts like this crayon melt art and record whether they are a pass or a fail.


Another idea is to continue with the box openings but to expand beyond quilting and sewing. I’m looking into some yarn and art boxes to try out along with including my husband in some geeky unboxings. Keep an eye out for our future video ideas.

Dori had a huge success with an instant pot recipe. They tried a Mongolian Beef dinner that was tasty and enjoyable!

Check out the #IGQuiltFest on Instagram. We’re having a blast hopping around and meeting new quilty friends!

Thanks to our listeners and followers for your subscriptions and your friendship. We really appreciate you all.

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