WIP: Splendid Sampler Project #1

So I’ve got these blocks just lying around. They are pretty and I loved making them but I had no idea what to do with them.

Oh yeah…

That’s because they were apart of a larger project that I never completed! A little something called The Splendid Sampler.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played with these blocks but it’s time for me to do something with them. So I decided to pulled a few out and put them together into something I can use around the house. Plus it would give me the ability to practice my free motion quilting on smaller projects.

My first project (yet unnamed) is going to be a table topper/runner. I pulled three pieced blocks and sashed them with black and then bordered the whole thing in a complementary cream fabric from the same line.

The top turned out super cute. I stuck with only pieced blocks so that they seemed uniform and not too busy.

Then I decided to try my hand at a little pebbling. I did some practice runs before hand to get my tension and pacing down. Then I took to the borders with a black Aurifil thread so that if I did make a mess, it would be hard to see.

Probably the best idea as my pebbling definitely needs work. 

As I battled with my quilting and trying to make decent little circles, I realized that my batting was making a complete mess. Fuzz everywhere… And a few of my seams decided to pull and strain, which annoyed me but not enough to pull it out and start over.

Had I used any other lighter color for the backing, the fuzz probably would bug me so much. But up against that black, all I an see is the nasty white fur all over.

During some of my time off, I’m planning to get back to pebbling and practicing. I’m also recording my process for our YouTube channel so stay tuned for any updates!

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7 thoughts on “WIP: Splendid Sampler Project #1

  1. The white fuzz on a black quilt happened to me. Roller Tape worked to get .it off till I could throw the quilt into the washer after binding. A dot of school glue ( washable) would help keep the seams from separating. Try tugging on the loosen thread to tighten them .. then a dot of glue just at the end where it will be under the binding. I often stay stitch around the edge of the quilt ( large ones especially ) to avoid that problem. ….. NONNIE

    • I’ll definitely be lint rollering when I’m done because I feel of I do it now it’ll just get fuzzy again. But I’ve never had a batting fuzz so much. Annoying!

  2. I love the work that you did on those blocks. They’re adorable and definitely need to be showcased somewhere in your home.

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