Glimpse Into The Future Episode #70

Summer is here and we’re ready to get crafty!!

A few of the big California quilting events have us excited and pumped to get out there and mingle with our quilty friends.

So Cal Quilt Run 2017

It’s time for the annual quilt shop hop here around Southern California! We’re excited that this year my dad is on board and ready to run with us. He’s got it all planned out already!

We’re also planning on a meet and greet at one of our local shops to meet with other So Cal quilters that are also listeners of the podcast. We’re aiming for a meeting at the Orange Quilt Bee but don’t have a set day and time yet. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for an event notification soon!

Dori is thinking of heading to a local retreat in October up to Big Bear. I may not be a member but I may just drive up and crash with the quilters for a day!

Road to California 2018

Have yet to make it to Road to California but Dori has gone twice in and lived to tell about it! We’re aiming to go in 2018 together this time and maybe even sign up for a class or two. Pubic registration opens July 8th!

QuiltCon 2018

QuiltCon is coming back to Pasadena and we’re excited to sign up for classes and lectures! We really enjoyed our first trip in 2016 and we’re looking forward to experiencing the joy and creativity all over again! Public registration opens July 8th!

3 thoughts on “Glimpse Into The Future Episode #70

  1. Hi! That Road to California looks like fun. How nice that Dad is involved in the shop hop and has your path all mapped out – that really is priceless time together. Enjoy! We just took a road trip with our parents and Dad insisted we stop at a shop (that was the best one, too, I might add) that we were going to skip. ~smile~

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