So Cal Quilter’s Run 2017

This weekend marks the beginning of the annual Southern California Quilter’s Run. Every year, quilt shops around the southern California area open up and participate in this fun shop hop.

We discovered it two years ago and have been participating ever since. We have our pins and we get a new bar every year. There are plans and plots and snacks mades for the long hauls across Los Angeles, out to Palm Desert, and down to San Diego.

This year the theme is California’s Camping and each shop plays off the theme in their own way. Some of these shops go all out and really do a great job. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!

At each stop we’ll get a stamp in our card and some piece to a quilt that can be made from the parts gathered at each shop. Last year we received letters to be appliquéd and the year before we received a fat quarter with a block pattern.

To kick off this year, we’re going to the Orange Quilt Bee on July 14th at 3:00 to hold a meet and greet with a few other local quilters. Because the run is so large and covers a lot of mileage, it can be hard to bump into people you know so we wanted to set up a time and place to meet with other runners!

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Beginning on Saturday, we plan to head out early to reach some of the furthest stops, one being the Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills. That entire day will be spent on the road collecting stamps and game pieces. We’ll end at The Quilt Cupboard in Placentia.

Day two will see us on the road early to reach Palm Desert for our first stop at Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations and ending up at the Orange Quilt Bee in Orange.

Once we get our first weekend under our belts, we’ll post again to share what our last leg of our trip looks like. If you want to see our antics as we race around from shop to shop, make sure you’ve liked @hobbiesuptohere on Instagram to see our posts at each shop.

And if you want to reminisce with us and see what past years were like, check out our YouTube channel for our SoCal Quilter’s Run playlist. We try to vlog as much as possible while we’re on the move!

Lastly, if you are local and running the Quilter’s Run yourself, keep an eye out for us! We’ll be sporting our Hobbies Up To Here shirts proudly and we’ll always be ready to stop for a hug and a chat!

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