Let’s Get Motivated Episode #75

Sometimes you need a friend and some good ol’ fashioned inspiration to find your quilting motivation!

Through friendship and inspiration, we’ve really found our quilting mojo. Not that it was lost but it definitely took a backseat to a few of our other hobbies.

We officially finished our So Cal Quilt Run passports!!! Every square received a stamp and we turned them in to be included in the grand prize drawing for a new machine! YAY!

I’ve been cracking away at my puzzle box quilt! I cranked out 15 blocks so far this week!

The unquilting is finally complete!! And it’s all thanks to my mom and her diligent seam ripping.

Frank is really coming together and my dad is enjoying every step in the process of putting this little guy together. Doesn’t he look snazzy?

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Get Motivated Episode #75

  1. Hi Katie,
    That sure would be sweet if you won a sewing machine! My fingers are crossed – someone has to win, and I hope it’s you. That pile of strips is sure pretty, as is that white and yellow block. Can’t wait to see what those are going to sew up to be! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Wouldn’t it be great to win?!? Still crossing my toes! And thanks for always leaving such thoughtful comments. We really appreciate you for coming and reading and sharing your thoughts with us! xoxo

  2. The answer to the question, how to back the Failure is Fertilizer quilt is:
    M & L Fabrics-Discount Store
    3430 W Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92804

    They carry all kinds of quilting cottons, but the best thing is they have an enormous section of $2.99, (I hope the price hasn’t gone up, but even at $3.99 it a bargain). These tend to be older quilting fabrics, a few years ago they still had some Y2K… Anyway, I’m sure you can find a print there that will be better than plain muslin. These are flat cuts piled up on shelves, so you do have to dig, but it is so much fun!! It’s not like you leave spending less money, you simply leave with more fabric…. They carry all the newest prints as well as a lot of Kona Cotton Solids.

    Maybe we should meet up there.


      • Meanwhile, take Dori there so she can get a good backing for the quilt without feeling guilty. Any print is better than muslin. If a quilt isn’t on the wall, then people will see the backing, so make it nice

  3. I listened to the past 3 episodes this last weekend when I was sewing. I laughed so hard right along with you and your mom. You two are best to hang out with when I am sewing. So real and honest – love it.

    Katie – I grew up sewing and about 18 years ago I decided to leap into quilting thinking that it couldn’t be all that hard since I had done some garment sewing and home dec sewing. My first quilt was an Elanor Burns Quilt In A Day – KING SIZE Irish Chain. Crazy me thought literally A Quilt In A Day but thought it might take a couple extra since it was a king size. Ha – 2 1/2 years later I finished it and I even hand tied it – no machine quilting. After I started that project my LQS started a BOM program where you did 1 block a month – the starting cost was $10. If you brought your finished block in on the right day of the following month you got the next block for free. The shop also did demos of the block which helped my quilting skills a ton. I did hand tied that quilt and it took be a while before I got to the point of machine quilting my quilts. I still leap into projects that I have no experience with – I had always wanted to try EPP and so when Tula Pink released a quilt kit for Hexi EPP I went all in….. 1,000+ hexi’s to make and 4 years in I am just about half way. LOL

    Quilting is a journey and a process. At times I get very overwhelmed with the projects I have picked but I remind myself of the question “How do you eat an elephant” – One bite at a time!

    Happy Crafting

    • Ann, I feel like you and I are quilters cut from the same fabric (pun totally intended)! And now after years of struggling because I take on too much, I’m learning how to slow down and just enjoy the process from beginning to end. Can’t wait to see that Tula Pink project when it’s all done! It’ll be amazing!

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