WIP: The Puzzlebox Quilt

The last couple of weeks I’ve been very motivated to work on my quilts. It could be the regular podcast schedule we’ve been sticking to or meeting up with my good friend to quilt together each week. Either way, I’ve been cranking out blocks left and right.

I picked up my work on the puzzle box quilt and really went to town chain piecing like a fiend.

I took a look at the blocks and realized that I could piece most of the center pairs and not piece the whole block. Having my little thread cutter from Sunflower-Quilts really helped move this part of my process along very quickly.

It took a bit more work to organize things because originally I was completing a block each time I sat down to work and using up each color from the kit. Once I made the block, I could move on to the next color in the set. But since I switched to this new process, I only piece together a few pairs in each color and save the rest to be used later to complete the block.

It’s a good thing I like to be organized!

I am struggling a bit with the reds. They are so close in tone that I can’t quite tell them apart. We’ll see what happens as I move along through each color.

And even though I did a lot of great work on my own, getting together with my friend to quilt really motivates me to stick with it. In the span of time we worked together, I pieced a good chunk of blocks.

And I’ve been playing around with the layout on my design board. There is something fun about fiddling with how many different ways I can move these blocks around.

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4 thoughts on “WIP: The Puzzlebox Quilt

  1. Hi Katie,
    I just find this block so interesting! I love seeing them all on your design wall . . . but you are missing that pretty yellow and white one! I love all the colors you are sharing. Can’t wait to see when this goes when it grows up. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What a fun quilt! It will be interesting to see what setting you finally choose, as there’s a lot of options.
    Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers this week!

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